Readers respond to homeless reporting, Riverfront Park controversy and more

Letters to the editor

click to enlarge Destiny Brown camped along the river until police evicted her and others.
Destiny Brown camped along the river until police evicted her and others.

This is how it's done

I just wanted to compliment you on a job well done with the "How KHQ reported on homelessness from the other side of the river" (, 7/20/17) last week. Homelessness is not a cut-and-dried issue, and assumptions and misperceptions abound. Thank you for presenting these three individuals as real people. And thank you for a more balanced approach to the story.

Currently, we are working to recruit more landlords who are willing to rent property to the many veterans we serve who are homeless. Many of these individuals have barriers that cause landlords to bypass their application.

Heather Alexander

Senior Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications

Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest

Spokane, Wash.

Readers respond to "In the Dark on the Park" (7/27/17), our story about the travails of the Riverfront Park renovation, and some folks' opinion that the community is being ignored regarding the pavilion and other features:

Isaac Jack Jr.: Public servants are there to earn a buck however politicians manage the financial strings. Follow the money trail, find out who's getting their cut?

Mark Joplin: STOP the project, put it back the way it was, and go away. Every politician involved needs to resign due to no confidence.

Jewel Nelson: This whole article makes it sound like nobody knows what exactly is going on. And anyone who does is not being very forthcoming with information. Likely fear of the fallout. (Elections) When you change what you proposed to do with the money so many times, how can you expect trust? The public already had those issues with government.

Readers respond to our blog post about city signs warning homeless people against camping along the Centennial Trail (7/31/17):

Nick Staley: Little too convenient they planned and built a yuppie community right next to the poorest, most crime-ridden neighborhood in Spokane, where transients frequent and then do things like this. Human life is only valuable if they have money.

Chris Warren: Just like any other law they put on the books, it's only as good as the enforcement... there's been a no-panhandling law on the books for years, but if they don't enforce it it's meaningless. ♦

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