Readers respond to online education, George Wright controversy and more

Letters to the editor


My name is Chris Hansen. I am a local actor in the area and have been for a decent amount of time. I am also SFCC Technical Director for their theatre department. I just want to say "thank you" for handling a great subject matter on the whole in regards to the theatre article "Post-Modern Era" (9/14/17). The truth behind the article was put elegantly. Thank you for not shying away from the tension in our arts community and our efforts to find a better connection to one another. We need more of this transparency of truth in the world. Thank you.

Chris Hansen

Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, Wash.


Wilson Criscione's excellent article, "Passing the Buck: The Steep Cost of Online Education for Taxpayers and Kids" (9/7/17) shows how difficult and expensive it is to educate our children.

There are no easy solutions.

I do believe we need to use a mix of "brick and mortar" schools and online education technology to address problems facing our nation's schools. Both have their place in today's world. Instead of choosing between one or the other, we should be bring both together to complement each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Financing both is the key, and unfortunately money is always the bottom line. Until we make education a priority in this country, we will continue to fail our children.

Russell Fleming

Cheney, Wash.


I agree that not every type of memorial needs to be struck down due to some newly found political correctness, but George Wright is someone that needs not be celebrated in any way ("Wrights and Wrongs," 9/7/17).

We need to remember how our government treated the Natives as a way to understand our history in context.

But if names are to be changed, I would also suggest swapping the names of Steptoe and Kamiak Buttes, as Steptoe lost the battle and fled, and yet he gets the highest peak.

Also I would love to see Spokane's name changed back to Spokan Falls.

Gary D. Rhodes

Colville, Wash.

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