Readers respond to GOP tax plan, Freeman shooting survivor story

Letters to the editor

click to enlarge Ami Strahan lost her son in the Freeman High School shooting - YOUNG KWAK
Young Kwak
Ami Strahan lost her son in the Freeman High School shooting


The public is being duped. When I think of how the new tax bill is being sold to the public, it reminds me of my years in Liberia, under President William Tubman. Tubman was dearly loved by the poorest in the country, which actually didn't make any sense at all. But needy citizens would come to his office for financial help — for a funeral, a wedding, or just hard times. He would gladly oblige with a gift of up to $500. In fact, he had envelopes marked with various amounts of money already prepared to distribute. Yet, he neglected to support job growth so these poor citizens could afford basic expenses from their own work and not depend on his "generosity."

The way the new tax bill is framed has some similarities to my experience in Liberia — deceiving the low and middle classes by giving with the right hand (estimates of $2,000 on average per family), but taking away more with the left — much more than $2,000 when considering health insurance, the crumbling infrastructure, the national debt, etc.

The country is being duped by President Trump and our Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Please wake up before it is too late.

Nancy Street

Cheney, Wash.

Readers respond to Mitch Ryals' cover story about Ami Strahan (12/28/17), working to put her life back together after losing her son in the Freeman High School shooting and her husband to a freak accident within a few months of each other:

Christine Barnes: I couldn't imagine losing my husband and baby boy. What a strong, courageous woman.

Beth Uland Divine Lopez: You will find strength that you had no idea you had. Be willing to accept help from friends and family. You are strong and you will make it. And, let yourself grieve — it will come in waves for a long time — keep eating and trying to sleep. Journal your thoughts and feelings if you can.

Leann Smiley: I cannot imagine the depths of your grief. Losing half your family in the ways you did is heartbreaking. I can't think of it without tears. God bless you and your daughter.

Carrie Ferran: Just heartbreaking. Cried multiple times reading that. Love and light to you, Ami. Your boys were called to do other important work. ♦

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