Readers react to Chelsea Martin's latest; the end of IMAX in Riverfront Park

Letters to the editor

About Chelsea Martin's most recent article ("Hidden Treasure," 1/25/18): Back in the mid-'90s my friends had an apartment in Harlem, and one day somebody accidentally knocked a small hole in the sheetrock wall of the hallway by the front door. Looking through the hole we could see light, and so we began to widen the aperture, and sure enough there was an entire room walled away behind there. Turns out under the law, at least in New York City, if you change the dimensions of a space, even by diminishing them, you can raise the rent all you like on the next tenant. My friends were pretty upset, as we had often had a shortage of sleeping space at that place and this missing room was lovely, with old hardwood floors and a window and even a closet. New York is weird. Anyway, I'm not sure that helps solve your mystery but it was pretty funny.

Leif Solem

Spokane, Wash.

Readers respond to our story about the IMAX theater's destruction ("Riverfront Park IMAX will be torn down starting Monday," 1/26/18):

Jared Friesen: Good, it's ugly and a bit of an eyesore in the park.

Hopi Schott: Nothing sacred. ... I have yet to agree with any aspect of the park redo. ... If it is meant to honor the World's Fair memory, why the hell is it destroying so much that came from that event?

Kevin Kelly: Hopefully they replace it with some cool shrubs and plants that people can walk by.

Dawn Garlick: Many childhood memories and young adult memories. Can't help but to be nostalgic. As in all things and people I have to remind myself of the constant evolution.

Jonathan Daniels: The citizens of Spokane never cared enough to visit it, the parks department never cared enough to advocate for it, and the park bond didn't feel like it was important enough to replace/recapitalize it. I'm glad that the city is out of the movie theater business. ♦

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