Readers respond to Spokane police scandal, anti-violence demonstrations

Spokane police Sgt. John Gately - YOUNG KWAK
Young Kwak
Spokane police Sgt. John Gately

Readers respond to our story about Spokane Police Sgt. John Gately, who tipped off a fellow officer accused of rape about an impending investigation ("Refusing to Take the Stand," 3/16/18):

Shay Edwards: Despicable behavior that makes it look like it is... The Police Department has "different" rules that they get to live by. The rest of us would be in court facing charges. This is the kind of behavior that makes trusting our local law enforcement difficult. The rules are bent for you if you wear a uniform. Disgusting.

Scott Weldon: Bad cops covering for bad cops. And they wonder why they lost respect from a lot of people. Most police departments suffer from this and worse. I will never again respect any police officer just because of a tin badge. Too many crooked ones and too many willing to condone crimes committed by police.

Steve Berde: Most SPD are a credit to their profession. A few like this guy are a blight on the good officers. If he had any self respect, he'd resign. ♦

Readers respond to our story about local student demonstrations against gun violence ("The Disruptors," 3/16/18):

Sabrina Sorger: Loving what the future looks like.

Vicki Birkland: People are afraid for good reason. Guns have killed so many people in wars, gun accidents, used in mental issues. But they are your right and and it's not a crime to bear arms. There will always be dangerous people on this earth and it's your right to choose firearms that you feel will keep you and your family safe. Emergency personnel cannot always be there soon enough. You and your family are just as precious to keep safe from harm as government officials or celebrities are.

Heather Kratt: Kudos to this generation of youngsters for being politically engaged! You are doing what my generation failed to do. I stand with you! ♦

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