Readers respond to the death of Elkfest in 2018; plus, Border Patrol sweeps

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R.I.P. Elkfest.

Readers respond to the cancellation of Elkfest in Browne's Addition in 2018 (5/7/18):

Kate Pogue Rau: People. If you insist on total peace and quiet, move to the country or a subdivision. If you choose to live in a mixed-use neighborhood (like those surrounding the Elk and the Rocket Market, for example) you're going to have to live with some traffic noise, trucks delivering supplies and, god forbid, the sound of humans enjoying themselves on a warm summer night.

Steve Alburty: Spokane has to make some serious efforts to keep younger people from dumping this hayseed town. Kill events like Elkfest and you might as well just hand out golf carts and walkers to those who remain. Spokane: the City Where Ideas Come to Die.

Ashley Buckner: This is so depressing. These local gatherings are such a big part of Spokane. Hopefully these laws don't shut down a bunch of our community events!

Claire Collins Thompson: Did we not learn anything from the movie Footloose?!

Readers respond to the Inlander story "How Border Patrol Sweeps are Complicating Spokane's Plans to Launch a Social Services Center" (5/3/18):

Salynn Williams: I don't want Spokane to be a place where some of our neighbors are afraid to go near a bus terminal. And I do want to see centralized services for our most vulnerable. Fix this, please.

Crystal Windishar: The people who are OK with it are white. I know I will never have to have someone come to me and assume I am illegal because I'm white. This is profiling people of color and don't come at me with the Russian example bulls—t. I wish someone would come at me and ask my status because I don't believe I will answer.

Gabriela Jablonski: Such a violation of human rights. Just because I look like I could be illegal I am asked for proof of legal status. That is racial profiling and if it happens to me I will see ICE in court. ♦

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