Warmer weather means that fresh-from-the-garden produce can’t be far away. Whether you’re planting your own garden or visiting farmers markets, taking part in a cooperative or just growing herbs on your porch, knowing where your food comes from adds a special richness to the dining experience.

In this issue, InHealthNW contributor and local dietitian Patty Seebeck names five foods you should be eating more of. They’re locally grown, generally inexpensive and packed with disease-fighting, life-lengthening vitamins and minerals. Also in our cover section, Lisa Fairbanks-Rossi takes on the economics of buying healthy food for your family — when is it worth it to go organic? And Ann Colford considers salt — gargling with it can make a sore throat feel better, but it can have less beneficial effects on the rest of your body. How much is too much?

In our “Healthy Children” special section, veterinarian Sara Shaw reports on some interesting research that might just persuade you to go ahead and get that pet your kids have been begging for. With all the talk of vitamin D deficiencies, we wondered whether kids should continue to wear sunscreen all the time? Some of the time? Never? Taryn Hecker reports on the latest thinking on this controversial issue. Finally, Zach Hunt outlines tips for parents trying to help a child who’s struggling with weight. Zach has some experience in this area — he has achieved a healthy weight after years of struggle himself.

On the other end of the spectrum, until recently the Inland Northwest didn’t have much to offer people suffering from eating disorders. But things are looking up. Nick Deshais reports on attempts to provide a support network for patients and their families coping with a potentially life-threatening condition.

To your health!

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