As I edit each new issue of InHealthNW, I’m often surprised to find an overarching theme. This time I was struck by the notion of the benefits of a “fresh set of eyes” to consider problems. Daniel Walters’ set of stories on medical professionals on a mission is certainly enlightening. As these health care providers direct their highly trained eyes toward countries all over the globe, they often find creative ways of solving problems. Of course, money helps, but it’s amazing what a fresh perspective can offer. And I think it is safe to say that the experiences are also eye-opening for the people themselves.

Sometimes it’s also hard to see what’s happening right under our noses. Spokane has longed for a full-fledged medical school for years. Now, in a way few would have envisioned, Nick Deshais reports how we’re quietly three-quarters of the way toward having one.

Leah Sottile tells me she had a wonderful time learning about the HOPE preschool for her story in the Innovation section. It seems that providing children who experience hearing-deficits with fantastic, highly technical hearing aids just isn’t enough. They need to learn how to pay attention to all that new information streaming into their brains — and who better to teach them than other 4-year-old “language experts”?

We’ve also published a special section on creating a healthy home environment. Why not take a fresh look at creating your own optimal living space? Taryn Hecker offers some very basic, no-nonsense ways to incorporate the ancient and mysterious art of feng shui into your home. And Ann Colford has her eye on your lawn and garden. Just what are all those chemicals that make grass grow so well? Then take a deep breath and read about indoor air quality. Seems we’re often guilty of contaminating our own nests, but there are some easy ways to improve the air at home.

To your health!

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