Welcome to the Healthy Homes issue of InHealthNW. We have a diverse special section featuring ways to create a safe and relaxing haven from the world. The best place to start any home project is with a shopping trip, of course. Alison Highberger sought out the latest air-friendly home furnishings, and in a new take on the birds and the bees, Jordy Byrd researched safe ways to rid your house of unwanted residents — from ants to squirrels.

I was shocked to learn that more people die in construction-related jobs than in any other type of employment. Before you switch on your power tools, read Tim Robinson’s report on ways to make sure your plans for a renovated bathroom don’t end with a trip to the emergency room.

Providing a safe home is just one of many items on the checklist for advocates of the mentally ill. New rounds of state budget cuts are only adding burdens to a group already coping with severely high unemployment and homelessness. Veteran Inlander political affairs reporter Kevin Taylor takes a look at the state of care for the mentally ill in this special report.

You’ll also find the first in our new series of articles about common sports-related injuries. This time Marie Cole, a local physical therapist, investigates plantar fascilitis. This painful foot condition sidelines many runners, but effective treatment is readily available. And all just in time to train for Bloomsday!

To your health!

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