'Further,' The Chemical Brothers

The perfect soundtrack for hammer, gearshift or spliff.

The new record by the Chemical Brothers makes me want to do drugs. A lot of drugs. Oddly enough, it also compels me to work my ass off. Drive somewhere — just do something. Anything. This is a pro-activity album.

Further warms you up with something smooth and simple, then gradually builds up careful tension with enthused melodies that release into howling explosions of psychedelia — cooling you down only briefly before whisking you off again. I could do damn near anything while listening to this CD.

Most importantly, Further never gets boring. Drawing on electronica’s stuttering stepchildren — house, trance, dub-step — the Chemical Brothers move with purpose and diversity of texture. This album could withstand many, many repeat listens, making it the perfect soundtrack for hammer, gearshift or spliff.


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