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Future Defecations: Riverfront Park Public Restroom Planning Forum

Let’s be clear: The design team in charge of the Riverfront Park redevelopment project isn’t actually considering any dramatic redesigns of the park bathrooms by, say, tearing down the walls and having the toilets facing each other. And Keenan Bennett, the artist behind “Future Defecations: Riverfront Park Public Restroom Planning Forum,” isn't an official architect involved with the park project. Instead, the Philadelphia-based artist-in-residence at Laboratory is using models of radical open-bathroom designs, including one based on Riverfront Park’s topography, to spark provocative conversations. In particular, he wants to explore how restrooms, once havens for spontaneous encounters between gay men, could, with the right design, again become boundary-breaking social spaces.

Tue, Jan. 30 from 5-8 pm • Free • Richmond Art Collective • 228 W. Sprague • • 230-5718

— Daniel Walters

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