Smokey Beef Crudo available during The Great Dine Out
Smokey Beef Crudo available during The Great Dine Out

Gander & Ryegrass

COVID-19 Notes: Open daily from 11-6 pm for takeout and delivery via Treehouse or UberEats. See latest menu on Facebook. Family-style meals available. All wine is 25 percent off; also filling growlers to go.

Described by chef-owner Peter Froese as "Italian-inspired long-course meals," Gander and Ryegrass is a carefully executed yet approachable take on traditional European fine dining. Its opening menu the first weekend of November 2019 featured a three-course meal for $45 per person with a handful of choices per course, and optional drink pairings for an additional $40. Gander and Ryegrass's "marathon" dinner option, at $75 per person, meanwhile, consists of 10 to 12 individually coursed or table-shared portions prepared at the chef's whim, with some overlap on the three-course menu. Diners can expect to see Gander and Ryegrass's menu in a state of constant evolution due to seasonality and creativity.


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