Gear to weather the cold, dark winter ahead

Gear to weather the cold, dark winter ahead
Consider a vape pen for the wild winter weather.

Winter brings three things that do not agree with weed: wind, water and frigid temperatures. Come prepared, though, and the rough weather will stand no chance of getting in between you and your snowy smoke session.

This winter, don't grind your finger to the bone trying to flick a traditional lighter out in the elements, knowing full well that measly flame will get blown out by a gust or extinguished by a snowflake before it can do its job. Do like those who dab and pick up a torch lighter. If you're just looking to spark a bowl or light a joint, you won't need to throw down upwards of a hundred bucks on a fancy rig. A simple and cheap culinary torch will do the trick with its strong, steady flame.

Good luck rolling a joint in bulky ski gloves or smoking a bowl without melting the fingertip off of a flimsy $1 pair of gloves from the grocery store. So, how can you get stoned without freezing your fingers numb? Grab a pair of fingerless gloves. By removing just a bit of fabric below the knuckles, you'll allow yourself the dexterity to prepare what you're smoking without taking away too much insulation.

The two products above help you navigate through the wild winter weather, but what if you just want to bypass it altogether? Behold, cannabis culture's ultimate armor against the elements: the vape pen. Joints and flower are vulnerable to water — drop them in the snow and they're toast — while lighters can fail in the wind and the cold. With a vape pen, though, it's as simple as the push of a button. While I wouldn't drop one in a puddle, I've certainly picked mine up out of the snow and puffed on it right away. Moreover, they're basically odorless, which makes them great for use indoors, so why bother battling with Old Man Winter at all? ♦

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