Geiger Boulevard gets revamped, SPS considers new tax levy for November, and other headlines


The Pin hosted Prestige Wrestling last Friday. Based on Quinn Welsch's dispatch from the event, it sounds like a much better version of WWE.

NEWS: Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May officially announced her resignation last Friday, marking the end of her short tenure spent trying (unsuccessfully) to get the nation out of the European Union.

NEWS: Safe Havens International, a nonprofit school campus safety organization, presented a slew of suggestions to Spokane Public Schools on how to improve security — including placing armed guards in schools.


SCOTUS on abortion
The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a state law in Indiana requiring that fetal remains from abortions be cremated or buried but declined to weigh-in on the state's ban on abortions motivated by race, sex, or disability, leaving a lower appellate court's ruling intact — avoiding a larger revisiting of Roe v. Wade. (New York Times)

The fringes make gains
Green parties across Europe made substantial gains in last week's European Union parliamentary elections, giving climate change activists a more central role in regional politics. Right-wing populist parties also increased their positions in countries like Italy and France. (Washington Post)

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Young Kwak
Amazon breaking ground in the West Plains circa
Geiger face-lift
Construction on a two-year $66 million revamp of Geiger Boulevard begins today. The new roadway will feature three lanes, a center left turn-lane, roundabouts and bike lanes, and is intended to help serve the Amazon fulfillment center. (Spokesman-Review)

More money(?)
Amidst a largely self-imposed budget crisis that is resulting in hundreds of teachers getting laid off, Spokane Public Schools is debating whether to place a new tax levy on the November ballot. (Spokesman-Review)

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