It's a truth that's been universally acknowledged since way before the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff made it gospel: Parents just don't understand. But if you've got an angsty teen or two under your roof, you can convince them you're the coolest parents on the block with holiday gifts that are not only edgy and cool, but that allow them to hibernate in their rooms for hours on end.


Say your teen's a budding DJ, but you don't want to blow a lot of cash on expensive turntables and sound systems that could end up simply collecting dust. This slick Hasbro toy might be the perfect substitute. The system comes with a collection of cards programmed with popular Top 40 songs (artists represented include Sia, the Weeknd and Ed Sheeran, and expansion packs are also available), and players select individual music cards to remix and mashup those well-known tracks in fresh ways. Compete against your friends, or play around with it on your own. (Note: You have to download the DropMix mobile app, which is compatible on iOS and Android phones.) $125 • Uncle's Games • 404 W. Main


This series of vibrantly illustrated novelty candles from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild (which, incidentally, sounds like a band an angsty teen would love) are must-haves for the history- and literature-obsessed adolescent in your life. They come emblazoned with revered historical figures like John Lennon, Frida Kahlo, Carl Sagan and Virginia Woolf; burn one in effigy, or simply use as decoration. $13 • Atticus Coffee and Gifts • 222 N. Howard


Every angsty teen goes through that requisite goth phase (do we still use the term "goth" anymore?), and there's no better way to advertise your inner darkness than by emblazoning it on your winter accessories. This awesome 71-inch-long skeleton scarf, manufactured by celebrated Seattle-based novelty company Archie McPhee, is way cooler (and nicer) than anything you'd find in a Hot Topic bargain bin. $20 • Boo Radley's • 232 N. Howard


Yeah, it's super rad that you can take hi-res photos on your phone whenever you want, but where's the fun in that? Like an old-school Polaroid, this handy Instax camera from Fujifilm allows you to instantly print your handiworks and put them in colorful stick-on frames. It's way cooler than Instagram. $80 • Huppin's • 8016 N. Division

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