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Buzzworthy gifts for the coffee lover in your life

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The gift that keeps on giving: a local coffee subscription.

It's undeniable that coffee is an integral component of life in the Inland Northwest.

In 2019, Livability, a website that ranks small and midsized cities in a variety of categories, mentioned Spokane at No. 2 out of 10 on its list of "unexpectedly awesome coffee cities." With drive-through stands on just about every corner — over 325 coffee shops in Spokane alone — and more roasters and cafes opening throughout the Inland Northwest than we can keep up with, people are enjoying the variety of options and experiences available around town and in their neighborhoods.

However, during the 2020 quarantine, more people also upped their homebrewing game, and homebrew novices quickly became connoisseurs. This probably means that they already have some sweet coffee gear on the counter, so finding a gift might be tough. Either way, here are a handful of unique coffee items that your homebrewing junkie would love to find under the tree this year.


While your coffee human may have a kettle, a scale and some fancy brewing equipment, a decent burr grinder may still be on their wish list. Hand grinders can be tiring and flimsy, while electric conical burr grinders can get very expensive. For a hand grinder for home or trail, you can't go wrong with the Troy, Idaho-made Orphan Espresso Manual Coffee Grinders. I recommend one of the Lidos, but their entire selection is meticulously crafted and highly durable. Of course, Baratza is the top choice for a quality electric coffee grinder. You can find a range of Baratza grinders at The Kitchen Engine, and occasionally at local coffee roasters like Indaba or Evans Brothers. Orphan Espresso Manual Coffee Grinders • $195-$285 •


While you may have your coffee routine and a customized drink you rattle off at the drive-thru, coffee can also be an intriguing culinary adventure. Sign your loved one up for a coffee bean or cold brew coffee subscription, and they will discover a plethora of tastes, aromas and textures that exist in coffee. Most roasters offer a subscription of some kind, so find out who your coffee friend or family member enjoys, and gift them a new coffee experience. Customize your coffee, roast and schedule with Post Falls-based DOMA's coffee subscription, or sign up for Coeur d'Alene-based Created Coffee's monthly subscription for just $15. Price varies •


Your coffee geek has to keep all that coffee fresh, right? Airtight canisters have become more readily available on the retail market in recent years, and the two most popular, elegant brands are Airscape and Fellow's Atmos. Each has a different method for removing the oxygen from the canister to keep coffee fresher longer, but both are high quality, durable products. Check your local coffee shop or favorite roaster to see which canister they have to offer. $30-$40 • Kitchen Engine • 621 W. Mallon Ave. • 509-328-3335


James Hoffman is my go-to professional for all things coffee, from equipment reviews to brewing techniques to drink recipes. His YouTube channel is starred on my browser menu, and his advice has expertly carried me through a myriad of coffee conundrums. His book, The World Atlas of Coffee, is the perfect geek-out read for anyone interested in learning more about the wide world of coffee. It covers how coffee is produced, from harvest through roasting, and includes step-by-step guides for all the core home-brewing methods. Look for the updated second edition in hardback from local booksellers. $39.95 • The Well-Read Moose •

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