Your dog is your best friend, bunk buddy, personal vacuum sweeper and sock annihilator. Because you haven't spent enough money on your pooch already, here's how you can make his holiday special.


Your dog has already left his mark on your carpet, your kitchen floor, your favorite slippers, and your bedsheet. Your living room sofa and all of your clothes are covered in his hair. At this point, your dog is basically a decorating scheme, so why not go for the full monty and accessorize your entire home with his adorable, slobbery face? Book an appointment with local pet photographer Clarissa Blum of Risky Canine Photography. She'll shoot gorgeous pictures of your pooch in up to two locations around and outside the city. Then Risky Canine can print those images on household items, like mugs, mouse pads, coasters and even a museum-quality canvas to hang above your mantel. $75 and up • Risky Canine Photography • Call Clarissa Blum at (509) 263-4773 to book an appointment


You love your Fido, but sometimes you wonder how all that toilet paper and rabbit poop in his diet is affecting his peanut brain. Challenge your pup's mental acumen with a Seek-A-Treat dog puzzle. Bury pieces of his favorite doggie biscuits in each of the toy's hidden compartments and watch your pooch sniff and paw his way to the prizes inside. $22.99 • The Urban Canine • 2915 E. 29th


Take your pampered pooch back to his primal roots with a feast of succulent mammal flesh. Raw Advantage, a certified organic processor in Kettle Falls, Wash., specializes in minimally processed meat and bones. Yum! Throw your pup a juicy beef bone during your next holiday dinner. He'll tear his prey to a pulp. $35 • GoodDog • 3115 N. Government Way, Coeur d'Alene


Do you ever wonder what your dog does all day when you're at work? With the Whistle Monitor you can spy on your pooch NSA-style and gather data on minute-by-minute behavior. Billed as Fitbit or FuelBand for dogs, it's a wireless, on-collar device that will track your pup's daily activity — how often he sleeps, walks, plays, runs — and send updates to app on your smartphone. $99.95 • Whistle •

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