Gifts for Fantasy Freaks

Get your sci-fi, fantasy or cosplay fan something they'll really love

click to enlarge Impress your anime-obsessed giftee with a subscription to Crunchyroll.
Impress your anime-obsessed giftee with a subscription to Crunchyroll.

We're living in the age of the nerd. Our obsession with comic books, science fiction and fantasy has become a thing to be celebrated. Lucky for you, that makes finding a gift for the anime superfan or Marvel cosplayer in your life easier than ever. There are a ton of fun and funky shops that cater specifically to this demographic in our region, and even more options online.

But don't just go for the collectibles or toys that you can find at any generic bookstore. Get them something that you know they will put to good use.


At its core, we love science fiction and fantasy because they inspire our imagination, whether it's Marvel Comics or Magic: The Gathering. Encourage that imagination by gifting someone you love a sketch pad and some high-quality pencils from Spokane Art Supply. Maybe your gift inspires them to pursue a career as an artist or designer. $25 • Spokane Art Supply • 1303 N. Monroe St.


You and up to four of your friends are trapped on a ship infested with murderous aliens known as "intruders." You must work together to survive, but deception comes into play as you each work to complete your secret assignments. Nemesis is a horror-survival game billed as a "cinematic" experience akin to Ridley Scott's Alien franchise. The gameplay is something like Dungeons & Dragons mixed with the hit video game Among Us. It comes with some really sleek (and paintable!) models used to represent the player characters and the baddies. $149 • B Side Games • 2525 E. 29th Ave. Ste. 9


The Inland Northwest has no shortage of novelists. This year, give the gift of a fantasy novel from one of our local authors, like J.T. Greathouse. His novel The Hand of the Sun King, released in August, is a coming-of-age story about an adolescent who must choose between two paths: that of his father, the loyal hand of the god-like Sienese emperor; or that of his mother, who represents the free-spirited resistance to the empire. This internal conflict is merely the beginning of a clash between two forces that will erupt in a cosmic war. $18 • Auntie's Bookstore • 402 W. Main Ave.


Digital purchases and subscription services have taken all the fun out of giving the gift of video games. A Microsoft Store gift card really doesn't bring the same excitement as, say, a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Bring back some of that excitement with a retro gaming console, like Sega Genesis. You can find one at the Gaming Grotto, along with some old game cartridges to go along with it. Just make sure you have a compatible TV! $50 • Gaming Grotto • 3808 N. Monroe St.


You've recently seen Dune (part one), and now you're hooked. Lucky for you, part two is in production. But why wait? You could easily learn the conclusion for yourself before the second film. And you don't have to end there. Author Frank Herbert, a Pacific Northwest native, released five additional books in the Dune series, and they all hold up. Follow the twists and turns of space and spice. You may be surprised where they lead. Auntie's Bookstore has the first three novels in the series on the shelf, or you can order a boxed six-book set through Auntie's or Wishing Tree Books. $108 for six-book boxed set • Auntie's Bookstore • 402 W. Main Ave. • Wishing Tree Books • 1410 E. 11th Ave.


Maybe your giftee has been bitten by the anime bug. I'm sorry to inform you the only cure is, sadly, more anime. Chances are, they've already been exposed to heavy hitters like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Attack on Titan. Impress them with a subscription to Crunchyroll, an anime-only streaming service that boasts a galaxy of vibrant and weird TV series you would probably never guess existed. For example, Sekko Boys is a show about the manager of a popular boy band whose members comprise four talking Greco-Roman stone busts. There are countless hours in the Crunchyroll library, and it's always growing. $8/month •


Netflix's live adaptation of the beloved anime classic Cowboy Bebop was released in November and the reviews are... well, not good. But whether your gift recipient is an anime purist or a newfound fan of the space-western, they'll probably still dig some merch. Pick up a black Cowboy Bebop hoodie from, the official merch store for the show. $54.40 •

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