You're unlucky enough to have a fitness fanatic friend/lover/acquaintance. Still, there is one perk to knowing one of us: It's easy — like, really easy — to buy us gifts. And we'll probably forget to get you a gift, what with all the push-ups we need to get done before now and Christmas, so no pressure.


This is the perfect gift for runners. These fancy watches track mileage, heart rate, pace and even tell the time (I think). While you're at Runners Soul, you can check out their shoes and apparel. If you really feel like encouraging your fitness fiend, grab them a Race Rag. These handy-dandy (and free) pamphlets are full of registration information for all upcoming area races. That'll make it easy for your fanatic to set goals and train even harder. $130-$400 • Runners Soul • 221 N. Wall


Climbing is a fun and challenging athletic endeavor. It requires physical strength, flexibility and mental toughness. So give your health nut a safe, natural high with a one-month membership. If they've never climbed before, don't worry: Lessons are available. $45-$60/month • Wild Walls Climbing Gym • 202 W. Second


The cheapest gift you'll ever give, but potentially the most meaningful. Go for a hike. Sure, it's cold, but there are still plenty of sunny days. Bundle up, grab a thermos of coffee/hot chocolate and get outside. Free • Stevens Creek Trailhead • 8901-9399 S. Stevens Creek Rd.


Push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups — ever heard of repetitive strain injuries? Mix it up a little and get your lovely fitness hunk onto a yoga mat. This Ashtanga yoga studio will give them a great workout, while centering the mind and lengthening the body. $15/drop-in $100/month unlimited • Spokane Yoga Shala • 731 S. Garfield


Juicing is good for performance. No, not the Lance Armstrong type of juicing. I'm talking about good, old-fashioned, grind-up-the-carrots-and-bananas. Method Juice Cafe serves all types of organic smoothies and food and is a great spot to rejuvenate after a workout. $6/16 oz. • Method Juice Cafe • 718 W. Riverside


Calm those muscles down and get a full body massage. This Post Falls spa has gorgeous views and a calm, relaxing interior. If you want more than just a massage, it's a full service spa, so never fear. $55/55 minutes $75/90 minutes • The Highlands Day Spa • 4365 Inverness Dr., Post Falls

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