They're the lights flashing at dawn on the side of the road. They're the primal screams echoing from the gym walls. They're the fresh footprints on the snow-covered trail. They're fitness fanatics, and their motivation knows no bounds.

But you?

You can't even find the motivation to cancel the gym membership you haven't used in a year, let alone join your fitness fanatic friend for a workout. Here's a secret: Buy them a gift that improves their fitness escapades. Maybe, that way, they'll enjoy it so much that they won't ask for company.


It's winter, it's always dark, and even a fitness fanatic might think it's smarter to stay inside rather than go on a run, for fear of their own safety. Don't let them. Buy them an Amphipod Xinglet Lite Reflective Running Vest. Then, they truly have no excuses. It's lightweight, it's easy to get on and off and it adjusts for their height and waist size. More importantly, it keeps them visible for the cars on the road. They can go on a run without (as much) fear of nobody seeing them, making their workout that much better. $25 • Sport Town • 511 W. Main


For a fitness fanatic, a major injury can take away their ability to exercise, leaving them no longer a fitness fanatic, but a plain old fanatic. And with the snow and ice coming, they might be wary about running or walking out in the cold. With the YakTrax Pro, however, they can attach better grip to the bottom of their shoes for running or light hiking. $28 • Runners Soul • 221 N. Wall


Steadily and repeatedly jumping up and down for a certain period of time is a great way for fitness fanatics to get their cardio in without having to even leave the house. But it doesn't matter who it is, doing so without the use of a jump rope would look silly. Buy your jumping friend a jump rope so they can save face. $15 • Big 5 Sporting Goods • 101 E. Best, Coeur d'Alene


Any workout deserves, and often necessitates, a period of recovery. Some fitness fanatics may even ask you for a muscle massage. Don't give in. Instead, buy them a foam roller. It stretches out those muscles in a way that a human hand just can't. And this Pro-Tec The Y Foam Roller, with the Y-shaped ridges, provides an even deeper tissue massage. $35 • Runners Soul • 221 N. Wall

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