Foodies come in a variety of flavor profiles: gadget masters, spice overlords, cookbook queens. The sophisticate, who pronounces "charcuterie" with aplomb and waxes rhapsodic over the guanciale at so-and-so's restaurant (where they know the chef, of course). The egalitarian dinner companion, as interested in your dish as their own (sharing is expected). And the omnivore, equally interested in growing, cooking, eating or just discussing anything and everything about food.


Excess gas is a problem everyone can relate to. These apple-shaped balls preserve precious fruits and vegetables by absorbing ethylene gas output by ripening produce. So food stays fresh longer, like those fresh herbs your foodie friends have on hand. This might be the first time you've been thanked for giving someone blue balls. $18 • The Kitchen Engine621 W. Mallon, Suite 416


Let everyday towels do the dirty work; these are for display, an extension of your character in the kitchen. The towel with the eggbeater next to the command to "Whip It / Whip It Good" is chucklesome, while the f---ity, f---word, f---word, f---word towel says you're edgy and a little unpredictable. $12 • Boo Radley's232 N. Howard


This innovative set of sturdy white dishware lets you keep the focus on the food — just like restaurants do — yet add a little pretty. Customize dishes, serving trays and bakeware as well as home décor like the tissue box cover. Add brightly painted miniature figures — a palm tree for summer, a turkey, the American flag, even football helmets for your favorite team — for every occasion. $20-$54 • Gourmet Way8222 N. Government Way, Hayden, Idaho


Although salt never really goes out of style, it's been going gourmet for years as a finishing flavor — infused with herbs, smoked, culled from the sea — and a cooking tool. But a drinking vessel? Yes! Fill with salted caramel apple schnapps or bust out the Alquimia Reserva Tequila and get the party started. $35 for four • Spice & Vine Mercantile (formerly Spice Traders Mercantile)15614 E. Sprague, Spokane Valley


Caravaggio, Pieter Bruegel, Cézanne, Claes Oldenburg: Artists throughout history have been inspired by food ranging from still lifes to Flemish genre paintings. Locally, Stephen Shortridge captures the solitary quiet of the cook's kitchen after hours in Midnight Sandwich, a lavish, food-themed gift that will never spoil. $1,400 • Painter's Chair Fine Art Gallery223 Sherman Ave., Coeur d'Alene


You don't have to go through Big Table to make an immediate difference in the lives of restaurant and hospitality workers, but for the foodie who literally doesn't need or want anything for themselves, this is a great way to go. Big Table's Unexpected 20s program is a quick and easy way to say "thank you" to countless servers, dishwashers, cooks and other food industry workers whose holidays are often spent away from family and friends. Download their envelope template, stuff it with a $20 bill and give it away. It's that simple. Or donate through the site on behalf of the foodie on your gift list, and you'll both know you've nourished something special this holiday. $

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