Gifts for Gardeners

What to get for your favorite plant-loving green thumb

click to enlarge Grow your own white oyster mushrooms with a kit from Happy Mountain Mushrooms. - YOUNG KWAK PHOTO
Young Kwak photo
Grow your own white oyster mushrooms with a kit from Happy Mountain Mushrooms.

The gardener on your list gets excited when seed catalogs arrive, goes ga-ga over the color green and can finagle the finickiest of plants back to life in a cinch. Whether the gardener on your list is all about flowers, fruits, veggies, herbs or some other greenery they tend, these gifts are sure to make your favorite gardener's heart go bloom.


Temporary tattoos let you express yourself without the obvious drawbacks: pain, permanence and expense. Nature Tats temporary tattoos last from two-five days, are water-resistant and can be placed anywhere on the body (except the eye, duh). Their original, hand-drawn plant, animal and other nature-inspired designs are "artistic accessories for awesome people," according to company founder Allison Wilcoxen. Even better, product proceeds help benefit both a nature organization in the company's home state of Texas, and a local art organization — the Moscow gallery where we found these little cuties. $5 • Moscow Contemporary • 414 S. Main St., Moscow


The right lighting can transform any space from mundane to magical, including garden spaces indoors and out. Solar light designs continue to evolve with an array of sizes and styles. Choose battery-powered for eco-friendliness and ease of assembly. This trio of OxyLED trippy lights with little figures — a hummingbird, butterfly, and dragonfly — glow rainbow colors for a touch of whimsy wherever they're installed, even an indoor plant in a sunny window. $8 • Harbor Freight • 6506 N. Nevada St.


What is it about creatives that has them thinking about what's next — the next dish they're going to make, the next painting or, in the case of a gardener, next year's garden design? Maybe that's how they, uh, keep growing as a creative. Get them a grow-your-own kit from Happy Mountain Mushrooms. Bonus: These kits grow food, in case your gardener happens to be a cook as well. Varieties include white oyster, blue oyster, lion's mane and chestnut mushrooms. Want to sample the goods before you buy? Find Happy Mountain selling fresh mushrooms and kits every other Sunday at Lumberbeard Brewing's indoor market. $25 •


The local farming community includes one unexpected yet delightful farm in its own category: Marlé Worm Growers farm. Go to their Otis Orchards location to learn about worms, or order online ( Then place your order to have the worm farm shipped right to your door. Your kit includes four stackable trays and all the necessary materials to set up this compact composting station. By then, the second shipment should arrive with half a pound of hungry little red wiggler worms. They'll be only too happy to make use of your kitchen scraps, but you also get 2 pounds of supplemental worm "chow." Pretty soon the squirming mass will create worm castings, and you've just given your gardener liquid gold when it comes to fertilizing. $180 • Marlé Worm Growers • 24411 E. Joseph Ave., Otis Orchards

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