Gifts for Gen Z-ers Who Need to Relax

Because living through unprecedented times ain't easy

There's an underlying strength to Gen Z. The COVID pandemic led to the cancellation of important milestones for many younger members of this generation, such as senior prom, sports seasons and commencement. Nevertheless, Gen Z-ers persisted, using their internet savvy and absurd humor to cope with these disappointments. Now, the world finally seems to be spinning correctly on its axis after the pandemic shot it out of orbit. Some Gen Z-ers are in college, having the first truly "normal" school year since 2019. Of course, this comes with its own issues. Pandemic fatigue mixed with the toils of adulting can exhaust even the most resilient. Do you know a Gen Z-er facing these very struggles? Maybe one of these gifts could be a remedy to that stress.


Though this book was released in 1997, it holds even more relevance today. Author Don Miguel Ruiz draws upon ancient Toltec wisdom to help readers overcome suffering and experience true joy, freedom and love. The book emphasizes the idea that society imposes expectations upon individuals, which subconsciously influences their behaviors and mindsets. In response, Ruiz proposes four key agreements for individuals to follow in order to find happiness, regardless of external circumstances. For growing young adults surrounded by expectations of what their life should look like, The Four Agreements is perfect spiritual guidance. $5.95-12.95 • Auntie's Bookstore • 402 W. Main Ave. •


For a while, the jury was out on whether essential oils actually provide health benefits or not. Newer research seems to suggest that they offer anti-anxiety effects when they're sniffed, applied to the skin or dispensed through an aromatherapy diffuser. Oils of the peppermint, lavender, orange and lemon variety in particular are said to reduce anxiety, boost mood and improve sleep. Along with their health benefits, essential oils can serve as an alternative to candles for those living in a dormitory or apartment. $15-$30 • Wonders of the World • 621 W. Mallon Ave. •


The rejuvenating effects of a day at the salon cannot be underestimated. Walking out feeling like a brand-new person is one experience, but kicking back and pampering yourself is near heavenly. For a stressed Gen Z-er, a trip to the salon could be the well-deserved break they've been needing. Plus, a new hairdo is a great form of self-expression, which Gen Z-ers value greatly. However, be warned: If your Gen Z-er walks out of the salon with a vibrant, unnatural hair color, the Inlander cannot be held liable. Prices vary; gift cards available • The Hive Salon and Spa • 1310 N. Mullan Rd., Spokane Valley •


Sometimes, a change of venue can boost productivity. Imagine if that venue was an idyllic location, a renovated speakeasy tucked away in downtown Spokane. As a bonus, imagine receiving free refills on award-winning tea while working or studying. Does this sound too good to be true? Thanks to Revival Tea Company, a leading tea retailer based right here in the Inland Northwest, this can be a reality for the Gen Z-er you know. Revival's monthly college deal provides an opportunity to unwind and reinvigorate with a cup of freshly brewed tea, providing fuel to power through assignments, as well as numerous health benefits. $50/month • Revival Tea Co. • 415 W. Main Ave. •

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