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Gift Guide 2015

You know that friend who is always trying to get you to go running at 5 am or try an "Insanity" workout class? What better gift than to finally take them up on that offer and join in? Um, no. They've got the classes and pack the punch. Here are some gifts to give your health-nut friend.


For the health-conscious pal who complains they're too busy to make a healthy meal or snack, get them one of the hundreds of healthy snack delivery subscriptions. JackedPack is for the heavy-lifting friend who's sick of protein smoothies (this subscription has these drinks, plus goodies like protein brownies). There's Vegan Cuts, because finding vegan eats can be a chore. Graze is the snack that stays below 150 calories, made with ingredients tailored to your taste buds by rating the snacks online. They can take some of these snacks to work and stay away from the office vending machine or candy jar. Prices range from $7 to $20 • Available online at, and


This glass bottle with a bubbly-looking rubber exterior will make your healthy fitness pal's bottle look drab. The Go Glass doesn't have the taste of plastic or metal, and is dishwasher safe. It also doesn't contain those scary, hard-to-pronounce compounds like phthalates, or other chemicals like BPS, BPA and PVC. $15 for 9 oz., $20 for 16 oz., $23 for 22 oz. • Available at Huckleberry's • 926 S. Monroe


Give those workout guys and gals the gift that keeps them lifting: nutritional supplements. Thorne, based in Dover, Idaho, features immune, detox, and sports performance support. The sports performance line, EXOS, has items including powders for building muscle and restoring electrolytes. They also make vegetarian capsules. Prices vary: $13 to $60 • Available in local pharmacies and online at


A sugar-free, high-fiber chocolate bar. Before you skip over this item, consider for a moment that this actually tastes like chocolate. It's not chalky, or something that makes you really sad to eat it. This chocolate, made in Coeur d'Alene, is suitable for diabetics because it's sweetened by plants, instead of artificially. Prices range from $2 for a bar (makes a great stocking stuffer) to $60 for a package of 60 • Available in local pharmacies and online at

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