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The nickname “The Evergreen State” just took on a whole new meaning, am I wrong? With the legalization of marijuana getting the thumbs up from Washington voters recently, living in our rainy, snowy, out-of-the-way state just got so much cooler. And though some think it’s a sign that our state is going to pot (cough, sorry), we think the biggest problems the state will face are widespread candy shortages and a serious case of dry mouth. Be sure to consider the weed-curious folks on your list this year, and stock up on these fantastic pot accoutrements.


You want to puff down, but you want to be subtle about it. This portable vaporizer is for you. It looks like a black cell phone and toasts the active ingredients in your “product” — meaning you’ll inhale a cleaner vapor instead of smoke. Plus it’s the kind of thing you can fit in your back pocket or your purse. For a vaporizer, this seems like the best choice, provided most other vapes require you to have weed-oil or something we don’t know how to get. You can stick a bud in this handy device, click up the mouthpiece and you’re good to go.

$125 • Piece of Mind • 4103 N. Division St. • 2824 E. 29th Ave. • 9303 N. Division St. • 12101 E. First Ave., Spokane Valley


Even your grandma knows that any weed that’s worth a damn is gonna stink to high-heaven. Dampen the rank of your dank with Stink Sacks: little ziplock baggies that hold in the smell. And, while you’re at it, tuck that inside a handy stash can before you stuff it in your sock drawer. It’s totally inconspicuous to keep soda cans with your socks, right?

$12 and $10 • Puffin Glass Studios • 201 W. Riverside Ave. • 3904 N. Division St. • 8701 N. Division St. • 12023 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley


Suddenly, after all this pot-smoking you’ve been doing, you’re finding yourself uncontrollably drawn to Black Sabbath. You can’t explain it — and you can’t resist it. Brush off the cookie crumbs from your chest and get to a computer to order a copy of this new, limited Black Sabbath boxed set, which contains vinyl copies from the band’s finest years.

$289 •


A terrifying little device that is sure to have you coughing in seconds, the gas mask bong is kind of like a beer bong. Where a real gas mask would provide you with life-saving oxygen, this makes sure that every ounce of smoke from the bong — attached to the mask — goes into your lungs. Like beer bongs, this is one of those devices that is great for a 21-year-old but a bad idea for your newly stoned parents.

$45 • Piece of Mind • 4103 N. Division St. • 2824 E. 29th Ave. • 9303 N. Division St. • 12101 E. First Ave., Spokane Valley


Since the weed law passed, has your dad asked you about getting him and mom some pot? We’re betting that dad’s funky basement record room — the one with the jukebox and all the cool, old posters — becomes a lot smellier in the next few months. Help him dress up the joint with these cool fabric tapestries of bands like Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and Pink Floyd. There are Lil Wayne and ICP ones too, but dad won’t know who they are.

$14.99 • Hastings • 1704 W. Wellesley Ave. • 2512 E. 29th Ave. • 15312 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley • 101 Best Ave., Coeur d’Alene


If you’ve got money to throw around and you’re looking to invest in a nice piece, the fine folks at Puffin Glass Studios and Piece of Mind can definitely steer you in the right direction. On looks alone, we thought the Sheldon Black glass at Puffin Glass was some of the coolest we’ve seen: full of curling tubes and bubbling vials. It looks like something you’d find in a science lab. It might be tough to clean, but at least it looks cool.

$200 • Puffin Glass Studios • 201 W. Riverside Ave. • 3904 N. Division St. • 8701 N. Division St. • 12023 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley 

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