It's a tough time out there for the grizzled, ruthless Lime scooter outlaws who once controlled the sidewalks of Spokane. Ever since the Lime pilot ended and the bright green scooters left Spokane, the Lime scooter gangs have had to fend for themselves, purchasing their own electric scooters on the black market, the dark web or As they maintain a watch of constant vigilance, ever hopeful that someday the Lime scooters will return, here's what to get them for Christmas.


There's being an outlaw, unwilling to be shackled to the laws of either man or God. But then there's just being reckless. When one bad skid could forever put an end to their life of scooter crime, few things are more important than protecting their noggin. Swing by Bike Hub and finally get your Lime-scooter-riding loved one a helmet. $40 • Bike Hub • 1403 W. First


Sure, masks are great for committing crimes. But they're even better for speeding around on a scooter in those cold winter months. A good balaclava will protect your neck, your nose and your eyebrows on particularly frigid mornings. Mountain Gear has a good selection. $40 • Mountain Gear • 2002 N. Division


While barrelling through downtown at a terrifying 15 miles an hour, the last thing you want to do is to wipe out and end up with a wicked case of road rash. So think like a biker. Give your favorite Limehead a fine leather jacket. $150-$350 • Renegade Classics4725 N. Market


From the Hell's Angels to the Southside Serpents to the Apple Dumpling Gang, any LSC (Lime Scooter Club) worth its colors needs the ink to go with it. No matter how many tattoos a person has, they can always get more. Spokane has plenty of tattoo shops, like Anchored Art Tattoo & Gallery, that offer Christmas gift certificates. Here are just a few amazing ideas: The QR code for their favorite Lime scooter, "SCOOT OR DIE," a little crosswalk man for every pedestrian they've run over, the Lime logo on their belly button, a metal-as-all-hell full-back tattoo of a skeleton on a Lime scooter leaping over a snarling dragon. $120 to $150 per hour • Anchored Art Tattoo & Gallery • 421 W. Riverside, Suite 108

Japanese Bon Odori Dance Practices @ Spokane Buddhist Temple

Sundays, 1-3 p.m. Continues through July 10
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