Spokane's "Near Nature" can never be near enough for some. For the tree-huggers, hermits and Ron Swansons among us, nothing brings solace like the Great Outdoors. Whether headed to a state park or the rugged backcountry, check out these essential gifts for escaping civilization.

MSR Reactor 1.7L Stove System

Campfires are great — the flickering glow, the smoky warmth, the rocky ring around which to tell ghost stories and roast marshmallows. But they're also a huge hassle. You've got to mind fire restrictions, haul firewood and constantly move your seat out of the smoke. For a lightweight, versatile and efficient cooking alternative, MSR makes a formidable line of reactor camp stoves. The 1.7-liter model comes with an interlocking white gas stove and pot that can boil water in about three minutes. Regardless of weather or burn bans, the stove can be used to boil hot dogs, heat soup or brew coffee. It can also melt snow for water during winter outings. $160 • Mountain Goat Outfitters • 12 W. Sprague

Four-tool survival whistle

Not that your favorite woodsman would ever get lost, but this this four-tool survival whistle offers a little insurance. Obviously, the whistle can summon help and a small compass can point them in the right direction. But it also has a built-in thermometer and a magnifying glass, which a resourceful person could probably use to start a fire. It's easy to pack and at least one of those tools may prove handy. $9 • Cabela's Post Falls • 101 N. Cabela Way

Smith's Tri-Hone Sharpening System

Taking on the outdoors often requires a well-maintained blade. Most seasoned backpackers and lumberjacks will already have a trusty pocket knife or hatchet, but you can help them keep their edge. Smith's three-stone kit hones a variety of knives, tools and even arrowheads. $20 • The General Store • 2424 N. Division

Classic Dog Pack

Obviously, they have a dog, right? Outdoorsy types love dogs. Well, Fido can finally start pulling his weight out on the trail with help from a saddlebag-like dog pack. Several stores offer such packs, but the REI Classic has a breathable mesh harness in several sizes to match your canine companion. Now he can haul his own damn Kibble up the mountain. $55 • REI • 1125 N. Monroe

Nip 'N Knot tool

Fly fishing seems to be about 90 percent tying knots. Your family's intrepid angler can use all the help he or she can get. This stainless steel pocket tool has a lever-less snipper for cutting lines and loose ends. A needle on one end clears out hook eyes and a flip-out "nail knot" tool helps wind those tricky bastards just right. $12 • Swede's Fly Shop • 1611 N. Ash

Nomad 7M Solar Charger

Even the most outgoing of outdoorsmen still have their modern vices. They pack along cellphones, iPods, GoPro cameras or GPS. And they're going to want to Instagram the view from Mt. Spokane. So give them the recharging power of the sun with this trail-worthy solar panel. It charges a variety of devices via USB and 12V hookups. It can also mount to their packs to charge on the go. $80 • Mountain Gear • 2002 N. Division

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