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So you're not a constant camper. That's OK. But if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you probably know some people who are, and might even have to buy them Christmas presents. Gift cards are nice, but if you want to show those outdoor adventurers you know a thing or two, check out our list of gear, gadgets and essential items.


An outdoorsy person can never have enough tools. Get 'em a multi-tool that has just about everything they'll need in one. The MP400 Compact Sport from Gerber features 12 instruments, including a partially serrated blade, three sizes of flat screwdrivers, a bottle and can opener, wire cutters and a wire stripper. $48 • Sportsman's Warehouse • 6720 N. Division


The Dutch Oven is the essential outdoor cooker. The tough-as-nails cast iron pot will make soup, meat, cakes, pasta, veggies, eggs, bacon, rolls, pizza, rice, stir-fry, stew — we could go on. No camper should be without one. Starting at $65 • Sportsman's Warehouse • 6720 N. Division


You just got back to the campsite. You're hungry, it's cold and your phone is dying after all the pictures you took earlier on the hike. The PowerPot allows you to take care of all three at once. The fireproof cord that extends from the 1.2-liter pot charges any USB device. $150 • Mountain Gear • 6021 E. Mansfield, Spokane Valley


One of the most frustrating camping tasks is lighting a stove on a gusty day. The folks at Mountain Safety Research think they have the answer — the WindBurner stove. This thing will boil water in minutes in a 12-mph wind. The key is the stove's radiant burner, rather than an open flame. $130 • Tri-State Outfitters • 6275 Sunshine, Coeur d'Alene


Looking for a top-notch hiking shoe? Stick your feet into some Salewa Speed Ascent GTXs. They're lightweight and waterproof, with a curved sole for a faster trek. $170 • Mountain Gear • 2002 N. Division


The essentials no outdoors adventurer should be without: compass, emergency blanket, poncho, whistle, mirror, waterproof matches, knife, glow stick and flashlight. Get it all in one pack, and stay safe out there. $26 • REI • 1125 N. Monroe

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