Gifts for People Who Don't Like Gifts

These people can be the worst if they're snooty about their disdain for traditional holiday presents and lecture you about the ills of modern consumer culture and materialism when you ask them what they might possibly want as a gift. But most of them are just fine and simply don't find a whole lot of pleasure in receiving physical gifts wrapped up in brightly colored wrapping paper. (We could all learn a thing or two from them about being happy with having less stuff, anyways.) But enriching and soul-filling experiences are fair game for these types, and we're betting they'll be delighted to receive prepaid tickets and gift cards to their favorite theaters, breweries and music venues.

Bartlett Concert Punch Card

What's a more down-to-earth and Spokane-specific experience than a few drinks and an intimate live performance by an up-and-coming artist at the Bartlett bar and music venue? With its classic yet cozy and comfortable interior design, elegant cocktails, heart-warming open mic nights and impressive roster of touring bands that cycle through, their new concert punch card that just went on sale for the holidays is bound to be a hit with any concert-goer on your list who doesn't want yet another pair of very warm socks for Christmas. $25 • The Bartlett • 228 W. Sprague

Magic Lantern Theatre Voucher

If this person is the indie-movie type who either loves slipping away for a solo-cinema experience or has that friend who they dissect artsy films after the show with, some tickets to films at the Magic Lantern Theatre are perfect for them. It's the place to go to get all those foreign and independent films that the AMC won't touch, so grab a gift certificate — they have a two ticket, two popcorn deal — to this local treasure. $22 • Magic Lantern Theatre • 25 W. Main

Iron Goat Brewing Bucks

Maybe they're more of a beer snob or someone who just enjoys cozying up around a pint and some decent food in a low-key brewery atmosphere. The Iron Goat Brewery in downtown Spokane has got them covered. With its minimalist interior, solid beer variety and tasty pizza, this place is great for catching up with a friend or playing a board game over brews and food. And who is going to turn down free grub and beer? $35 • Iron Goat Brewing1302 W. Second

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