If you're left shopping for the person who prides themselves on how well they can make a mai tai or claims they have impeccable taste in beer, we're here to help. Sure, you could just go buy an expensive bottle of merlot, but why not take it a step further? Here's our suggestions of local gifts that can impress any picky craft-alcohol connoisseur.


The craft cocktail enthusiast is always obsessing over the presentation of the drink they just made. That's why a ceramic tumbler from local KJ Pottery is guaranteed to make a great gift. Each piece is handmade by owner Kelsey Jo Johnson, making it different from the next. The cups hold about 10-12 ounces of liquid and will add that extra dash of craftsmanship to each mojito. Their cabinets may already be overflowing with glassware, but that shouldn't stop you from getting them something unique to add to their collection. $20 • KJ Pottery • 3908 N. Lincoln • kjpottery.com


Crafting tasty, complex drinks is no easy task. Help your aspiring mixologist out with some high-quality aromatic bitters. Spokane's Skidmore Alchemy provides small-batch tonics that are sure to enhance even the most amateur cocktail. The business offers sample packs online, allowing you to choose three 1-ounce bottles of the 12 flavors they have available. We recommend starting with the Aromatic Whiskey Bitters for all your old fashioned spices in one bottle. $18 • Skidmore Alchemy • skidmorealchemy.com


Shopping for wine can be a hassle. Even the family bartender can end up spending too much time at a shop finding the right wine for everyone. Push them to make their life easier by setting them up with a month of selected wine from Rocket Market. You can choose two or more bottles at different prices from red, white, sparkling and rosé. After the first month on you, it's likely they just found the latest monthly subscription to add to their budget. $30+ • Rocket Market • 726 E. 43rd Ave.


After they've spent countless hours serving everyone, give them a chance to unwind with an alcohol-themed multiplayer card game. Hammered Heroes is easy to learn and can result in hours of fun. The self-described "drinking card battle game" includes characters such as Harry Porter and quests like the Ballad of Tom Collins. As a plus, it was created by local game designers. You can find it at Boo Radley's, the Comic Book Shop in NorthTown and Community Pint. $20 • Boo Radley's • 232 N. Howard

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