They spend countless hours salivating over the techniques of world-renowned chefs, watching cooking competitions like it's going out of style. Their recipe repertoire requires more and more obscure ingredients, as their pots pick up battle scars in the testing process. And while you may already offer your undying support as a loyal recipe taster, there are plenty of specialty tools that can be gifted to even the most well-stocked kitchen as your top chef continues their culinary climb to greatness.


Spices and herbs add beautiful notes of flavor and color to dishes, as your expert chef knows all too well. But how often do they add edible flowers? This beautiful mix of colorful, edible petals and flowers can help your chef practice their TV-ready plating as they add it to desserts or savory dishes. Plus, at a super affordable price, there's no reason this mix shouldn't become a staple in every fancy kitchen. Bring out the tweezers and artistry! $6 • Wandering Lemurian Herbs at Pop Up Shop159 S. Lincoln


Everyone knows salt is an essential seasoning, but not everyone has a huge block of it that they can actually cook their food on. Highly versatile, a salt block or plate can be heated and used to cook steaks, fish, vegetables and more, or it can be frozen and used to serve tasty desserts like salted caramel apples. $50 • The Kitchen EngineFlour Mill, 621 W. Mallon #416


A major step up from your everyday cutting board, your chef can use this stylish piece of wood as a beautiful plating tray for charcuterie or their most recent batch of bite-sized appetizers. $32 • Ampersand Oil & Vinegar Taphouse519 S. Main St., Moscow


Let's be real. While your chef likely creates their own spice mixes, it's also nice sometimes to have a ready-made mix when you're focusing on a new task, like making the perfect meat combination for homemade pepperoni. Spice and Vine Mercantile packages their own mixes for just such occasions, and your chef can buy spices in bulk to mix their own. $3+ • Spice and Vine Mercantile328 N. Sullivan Rd. Suite 2, Spokane Valley

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