Gifts for Urban Homesteaders

What to get those back-to-the-land city dwellers

We all know that person who yearns for a simpler way of living, even if there's a Walmart a few blocks away, Amazon at their fingertips or fast food joints on every corner. Whether they grow their own produce, forage, make their own arts and crafts, or have a knack for food preservation, these folks take every step to be as local and homegrown as possible in an ever-outsourced and always disposable world. Here are five gifts that are sure to please the urban homesteader.


This book, from Tula Pink's City Sampler, provides inspiration and guidance for those interested in colorful and creative homemade quilting. With designs for 100 quilt blocks, as well as five city-themed sampler quilts from quilting icon Tula, this gift is sure to be a great coffee table book, rainy-day read or visual aid for fabric artists. You may even be able to snag a snuggle from a quilt your homesteader makes! $28 • Stitches and Petals • 1016 W. Pullman Rd., Moscow • Facebook: Stitches & Petals


Sold in a colorful, patterned set of three, these wraps are an alternative to single-use plastic wrap. Made from natural ingredients, beeswax wraps keep food fresh and allows those who preserve their own meat and produce to do so sustainably, producing less waste from packaging materials and ill-stored food. These wraps are reusable, washable and biodegradable, and are sure to become a staple in your giftee's home. $16.65 • Ampersand Oil & Vinegar Tap House • 519 S. Main St., Moscow •


If quilting isn't up the alley of the person you're shopping for, consider a different skill through the art of fiber dyeing. This comprehensive book walks readers through the dyeing of different materials such as silk, wool, linen and cotton, all in the comfort of their home(stead). These techniques are beginner-friendly and use everything from foraged and garden-raised materials to natural extracts for the dye. Not sure what your homesteader might like to dye? This book includes 20 project ideas for home and personal wardrobe. Simply put, this book is to dye for. $29.95 • The Yarn Underground • 409 S. Washington St., Moscow •


Nearly every age group has experience with home gardening, especially the classic windowsill display. These miniature pots are perfect for home growers looking to spice up their herb selections or even to plant from seed for a backyard garden or flowerbed. Simple, rustic and classic, these pots provide a perfect starting point for anyone looking to green up their thumb this coming spring. $1 each • Little Shop of Florals • 111 Second St., Moscow •


Time can be difficult to keep track of, especially for someone with the busy life of an urban homesteader. This 2023 calendar fills every day of the year with interesting and useful information about edible plants, kitchen inspiration, and helpful tips for your local forager. Filled with gorgeous illustrations, it's perfect for those who have a taste for the finer things in life, even if those things are beneath their feet. Best of all, you can always count on this creative calendar leading to seasonal and very local finds. $15 • Moscow Food Co-Op • 121 E. Fifth St., Moscow •

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