Gifts For: YOUR MOM

Gift Guide 2016

Buying a gift for your mom has to be the most absurd task there is. What does one buy for the woman who pushed you out of her body in a bloody, screaming mess, changed your poopy diapers and supported — even loved — your whiny, teenage ass? No gift is worthy. If your mom is anything like my mom, her reply to your question of what she wants for Christmas was probably something like, "Oh honey, I would like anything as long as it comes from you." She's a saint. She deserves everything.


Though you probably can't afford what she deserves, namely a mansion on the glistening shores of Maui, an Olympic-size heated swimming pool and a fleet of personal servants, at least you can give her one day of relaxation. She'll finally have the relaxation and pampering she needed during all those turbulent years, but was too selfless to ever give to herself. $125-$419 • The BrickHouse Massage and Coffee Bar • 14222 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley 


She really means it when she says one of her favorite things is spending time with you. Hard to believe, I know. How about giving her the gift of doing something together? Especially if your mom is the craft-loving type, she'd enjoy the Pottery Bug, where you can create dichroic glass jewelry, fused glass, paintings and, of course, pottery. They serve wine and beer, too. $10-$50 • The Pottery Bug • 4707 N. Harvard Rd., Suite 2, Otis Orchards 


I don't know about your mom, but my mom is super cool. That's why the most recent gift I got her was a ukulele. They're chill and simple. For the mom who isn't already musical but kind of wants to be, you can get her this ukulele pack that includes an instructional booklet, chord chart, clip-on tuner and gig bag. She'll have fun strumming little ditties and feeling stress melt away. With a ukulele in your arms, you have no worries. $99 • Hoffman Music • 1430 N. Monroe


One of the greatest gifts is the gift of outdoor adventure. There's so much beauty in the Inland Northwest, and during winter's whiteness it has a whole different, dashing look. Give your mom a good pair of snowshoes and you'll be outfitting her with the best way to explore the winter wonderland. $200 • Mountain Gear • 2002 N. Division

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