Who doesn't love a free gift? In our special section, Getting Organized (page 30), we take a look at ways to tame clutter and make space — and time — for things you'd much rather focus on, like a hobby (page 10). But there's even more benefit to getting organized — a sort of "free gift" for the clutter-clearer. Giving away things you no longer need to help others can not only bring feelings of happiness, satisfaction and gratitude, but it can also deliver a "helper's high" — releasing feel-good chemicals in the brain. While there are many organizations doing great work reselling items, consider donating to those that offer items at no cost to those in need, such as the Veteran's Thrift Shop or Mission Community Outreach Center as well.

In that spirit of sharing, we're happy to offer up a no-stress dinner party created by Wild Sage chef Elijah Crume (page 36). Three amazing recipes — make one and assign out the other two to friends or family — then relax and enjoy a sublime evening. And we also chat with Coeur d'Alene photographer Adam Schlüter (page 46) about his Monday Night Dinners, a simple yet innovative way to foster community.


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