Summer Bucketlist: Glaciers and Grizzlies

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Every year I can't help but follow at least a few more Earthporn Instagram accounts, the kind that post drool-worthy shots of jagged mountains reflected in the blue waters of places like Lake Louise. Years ago, with this internet guidance, I determined Banff National Park in Canada is the pinnacle of every #vanlife fantasy I've ever mustered. It's remote, but popular. Beautiful isn't strong enough a word to describe it, even just from photos. Plus, there's only a slightly significant chance that you'll have a run-in with a grizzly bear, but I hear the campgrounds have deterrents in place for that.

I don't have a van with a trendy wool blanket and twinkle lights that I can use to shoot hipster photos of my sock-feet and the view of the mountains, but I'm happy to say that in 2019, I'll finally get to cross a Banff adventure off my summer bucket list.

From there, I'm hoping I can cross another item off the list. Glacier National Park, I hear, is about as close an answer to Banff as we have, so these buns will also be Going to the Sun (if you're not already groaning: that's the name of the main mountain road through the park).

Lastly, and this one will be the hardest by far, I think I want to get a plant for my apartment and not kill it. Maybe I'll start small, with some herbs in a window box. Or a cactus. It's got to be hard to kill those in the summer, right?

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