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Goblin C--k (Rob Crowe of Pinback)

Outside of Guns N’ Roses, it’s hard to imagine any band actually needing eight years between albums. But hilarious metal dudes Goblin Cock have a pretty good excuse — band leader Rob Crow (aka “Lord Phallus”) seems to have about a dozen projects going at a time, most notably as one of the two ongoing members of indie rockers Pinback. The man’s been busy since Goblin Cock’s 2008 release Come With Me If You Want To Live, even quitting the music biz altogether briefly, before returning this spring with yet another side project, Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place, and now the third Goblin Cock full-length, Necronomindonkeykongimicon. The first single is a harrowing, excellent slab of riff-rock called “Something Haunted,” and the rest of the disc delivers some killer old-school thrash sure to get a pit going. Be prepared.

— Dan Nailen