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Good Answer pick: Tara Lee

One voter in our balloting had a hard time looking past the artsy North Idaho town of Sandpoint. Tara Lee chose a winner from her hometown in almost every category. The Sandpoint resident loves the area so much that she's willing to commute to her nursing job in Spokane.

When it comes to recreation, she recommends HIDDEN LAKES for golfing, the CITY BEACH for a lunch break and SCHWEITZER MOUNTAIN for skiing. As a matter of fact, she enjoys watching the sun set over Schweitzer from her front yard.

One of her other Sandpoint favorites is SPUDS, her "Best Place for Cheap, Fast Lunch" because of its salads and homemade soups. For "Best Power Lunch" she points to HAROLD'S CAFE. "Interesting people hang out there," she says of the restaurant attached to an old grocery store.

She did vote for one Spokane establishment, the ROCKWOOD BAKERY near Manito Park as "Best Bakery." But that's only because her favorite Sandpoint bakery, ANNIE'S went out of business.

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