Hung up on hemp: What is Idaho so afraid of?

Hung up on hemp: What is Idaho so afraid of?

It's a little strange that hemp is still illegal in Idaho, if you think about it.

A new study confirms dabbing trumps flower

If you're someone trying to get as high as efficiently possible, or maybe a cannabis enthusiast with a rather high tolerance, it's time to put down the flower and pick up the dab rig. The argument that dab rigs are the most efficient way of using cannabis appears to be settled, as a recent 2019 study by Forensic Science International (FSI) in Switzerland found that a staggering 75 percent of THC makes its way into the system of someone wielding a dab rig.

How to enjoy the Super Bowl... In case you need a little help this Sunday

If you're like me, this year's Super Bowl seems to be lacking. Be it the tired narrative of Tom Brady and the Patriots once again representing the AFC or Maroon 5 headlining the halftime show, there's going to need to be something to spice up an underwhelming rendition of the biggest American sporting event.

Research, breakthroughs and other CBD-related news

A recent study by the University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil found that rats given an application of CBD-infused lotion had a decrease in inflammation and acceleration in the healing process of wounds.

Some gummies are hitting the perfect high notes

As the Washington regulation of candy edibles remains in flux, now is as good a time as ever for consumers to start engaging with some of the great sweets that are still found in shops.

The hottest weed products in 2018? Candy, sodas and vape cartridges

There's still plenty of bong-ripping, pipe-smoking and joint-passing going on in the world of weed. But the hottest trend in weed in 2018?

We pick some truly baffling 2018 films that would work way better when you're stoned

By now, you've probably seen a lot of film critics' top 10 lists of the year, ranking cinematic masterpieces that you'll probably put in your Netflix queue and never actually get around to watching. But amongst the least memorable of 2018's movie crop were some strange, screwy and flat-out dumb pieces of work that could make for a great night high on the couch.

These spiked salted caramel chocolates are easier than you think

Whether you want to get a little silly with your partner on Valentine's Day, or you just enjoy chocolate, caramel and edibles, it's a lot easier than you think to make professional-looking filled chocolates at home. Before you start, you'll need a chocolate mold, available at baking and craft stores.

Great gifts for a weed-friendly Valentine's Day


A guide to utilizing your leftover cannabis

The most common and easiest option for those looking to use up leftover cannabis — say, stems or leftover "shake," parts of flower that have broken off buds — is to make some infused tea.

What cannabis-related legislative action to watch for in 2019 in Washington (and Idaho, sort of)

When it comes to new cannabis related-policy that may come out of the upcoming 2019 legislative sessions in Idaho and Washington, the Evergreen State stands in the limelight.

Meet your North Monroe neighborhood budtender

Brittany Friedlander doesn't hold back when you talk to her.

Pot advocates hope the Legislature makes working in the industry more fair

The state Legislature is in full swing in 2019 as of Jan. 14, and marijuana advocates are eager for change. Compliance reform is at the top of the legislative agenda for the state’s leading marijuana advocacy organization, the Washington CannaBusiness Association (or WACA), and that means protecting license holders from severe penalties from the Liquor and Cannabis Board, says WACA Director Vicki Christophersen.

Can stoned drivers tell when they are impaired?

There is no gray area in the language of Washington state law when it comes to being stoned and driving.

Governor Inslee wants to cut some slack to people with marijuana misdemeanor convictions

Busted for pot before it was legal? The governor wants to set things straight.

Efforts continue to allow people to cultivate their own weed

Washington is the only state that has legalized recreational pot yet maintained prohibitions against of-age citizens owning their own plants. Over the last couple of years, advocates have pushed reforms in Olympia to change that, to no avail.


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