by Kevin Taylor & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & T & lt;/span & his is government at an extremely local level, so the totals here don't approach the millions of dollars raised by senators and members of Congress.

Still, three-term incumbent Phil Harris has raised a healthy $100,870 (up by $10,000 just from last week). That's nowhere near the $170,625 he raised in 2002. Mager, running her first campaign, has raised $53,228 despite competing for funds in a three-way Democratic primary.

Bonnie Mager

Cavalry arrives: The state Democratic Central Committee sent $2,000 in back-to-back donations late last week.

Biggest one-time donor: Anne Buckley Jones, wife of Spokane physician Dr. Greg Jones: $1,000.

People with the last name of Mager: $1,447

Is it bad mojo to accept money from candidates who didn't win their own races? Mager has received donations from:

Donald Barbieri and his son Stephen. Don Barbieri was pounded by Cathy McMorris, R-Spokane, for a seat in Congress in 2004. Total of $1,500.

Bart Haggin and his wife Lindell. Bart Haggin was pounded by former Rep.

George Nethercutt for a seat in Congress in 2002. Lindell Haggin last year was frozen out of a seat on the Spokane County Planning Commission. Total $874.

Lunell Haught and her husband Robert Pyle. Haught was pounded by Harris way back in his first win in 1994. $500.

And Louise Chadez, who was pounded by Harris four years ago. Total $60.

Biggest Surprise: Developers Ron and Julie Wells: $250.

We play both sides: The Liberty Lake development firm, Greenstone gave $750 to Mager ... and $1,000 to Harris.

Mager's total: $53,228

Phil Harris

If they can build it, they will fund. Harris' campaign finance report reads like the telephone directory of construction, development and related firms from Spokane County.

Spokane Home Builders: $1,500

Frank Gurney, Inc. (or its president Tom Stewart): $2,400

Hanson Industries: $700

Spokane Rock Products: $1,000

Harley Douglass: $1,000

John Stone: $1,000

Summit Properties: $1,000

Swinging Doors/Bob Materne: $1,700

Central Pre-Mix: $500

CH2MHill: $500

Walt Worthy: $500

Lincoln Heights Investment: $1,000

Jim Cowles, CEO of Inland Empire Paper, who controls the real estate arm of the family and is uncle to The Spokesman-Review's Stacey and Betsy Cowles: $250

The "faint praise" award: Jim Emacio, the county's lead civil attorney with a donation of $35. Guess that's giving a few minutes of your time.

Please keep your money: Orville Moe, on trial for a number of sleaze and corruption complaints about how he does business at Spokane Raceway Park: $75.

Harris' total: $100,870

-- Kevin Taylor

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