Local Goods

Eat, drink, be merry ... and do it all with these local substitutes for everyday staples

1 Protein Puck

Dave Tawney invented the Protein Puck in 2013 to give his brother Dwayne an alternative to chalky protein powder to fuel his weightlifting routine. Now the vegan, gluten-free pucks are sold all over the Inland Northwest, and they're quickly making their way across the country. Find them at coffee shops all over the Northwest and at Main Market, Yoke's, Huckleberry's, Rocket Market, Cash & Carry, Albertsons and Fred Meyer. $3


2 Spokane's Family Farm Milk

Spokane's Family Farm's motto is "less is best," and when it comes to milk, that just might be the answer. Their all-natural, silky-smooth milk is pasteurized but non-homogenized, and you can taste the difference. Head to the farm for a tour or buy it at most local farmers markets, Rosauers, Huckleberry's, Yoke's, Super 1 Foods, Main Market, the Trading Company, Harvest Foods, and the Moscow-Pullman Food Co-op. $2-$4


3 Taco Chic Salsa

All-natural and packed with fresh tomatoes, peppers and cilantro, Rathdrum-based Taco Chic Salsa is made with an authentic Mexican recipe that has been in Juanita Carmack's family for generations. Grab a jar at De Leon Foods, Egger's Meats, Huckleberry's, Pilgrim's Market, Rosauers, Super 1, Cash & Carry, Yoke's and the Trading Company. $5.99

208-687-2464 | tacochicsalsa.com

4 New Leaf Café Granola

New Leaf Bakery Café doesn't make average granola. Sure, the hearty mix of oats, nuts, dried fruits, cinnamon and sweet cream makes for a top-notch cereal experience. But more important, the employees who make the granola are local women receiving job training as a means to transition out of homelessness or poverty. Available at Thomas Hammer, the Gathering House, Revel 77 and New Leaf Bakery Café. $2.95

496-0396 | help4women.org/programs/new-leaf-bakery-cafe

5 Namaste Foods Brownie Mix

Gluten-free folks rejoice: Coeur d'Alene's Namaste Foods has created a brownie mix that's just as ooey and gooey as its gluten-laden counterparts. Order online or pick some up at Main Market, Huckleberry's, Yoke's, Super 1 Foods, Fred Meyer, Pilgrim's Market, Rosauers, Albertsons and the Trading Company. $7.49

866-258-9493 | namastefoods.com

6 Joseph's Grainery Cracked Wheat Cereal

Few things will entice a person out of bed on a frigid winter morning more than a bowl of all-natural, freshly cracked wheat cereal straight from the hills of the Palouse. Order online or find it at Pilgrim's Market, Huckleberry's, Yoke's, Winter Ridge Natural Foods Market and Main Market. $6.49

509-397-3670 |


7 Prairie Pantry Sweet Maple Pecan Butter

Made from just pecans and organic maple syrup, Prairie Pantry's sweet maple pecan butter is a game changer for PB&J fans everywhere. The combination of nutty and sweet in this delectable spread will have you skipping sandwiches altogether and eating it straight from the jar. Available at Main Market, Northwest Seed & Pet, Urban Apothecaries and Daily Habit. $3.49

467-8804 | prairiepantryllc.com

8 The Coeur d'Alene Dressing Company Russian Dressing and Glaze

Don and Peggy Alderman have had their award-winning Russian dressing on the family dinner table since the '70s, and now it can be on yours, too. It's tangy and perfectly sweet with hints of garlic and black pepper. Use it a salad dressing, a marinade, or just bathe in it. Available at Cash & Carry, Yoke's, Super 1 Food, Egger's Meats, Huckleberry's, Latah Creek Wine Cellars, Main Market, Petunias, Rosauers, Rocket Market, and the Trading Company. $4.69


9 Fletcher's Sauce Co. Gourmet Hot Sauce

Most local diners will offer their customers Fletcher's hot sauce before any other kind, and with good reason. The folks at Fletcher's say that their gourmet hot sauce doesn't mask food with heat — it enhances flavors while also adding spice. Find it at Yoke's, Egger's Meats, Main Market, Sonnenberg's Market, Cash & Carry, Pool World, Super 1 Foods and Tim's Special Cut Meats. $4.99

483-4343 | fletcherssauceco.com

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