Local Goods

Buying local isn't just about groceries; these companies will help you get into locally made gear for any outdoor adventure

Alpine skis

Sneva MFG has been handcrafting wooden-cored, twin-tip alpine skis for more than 20 years. Owner TJ Sneva created the original twin-tip snow ski in 1994, and these days he makes around 1,000 pairs each year. Most of the 30 available models are suitable for all types of skiing, and all models are made with custom graphics, flex, width and length. Order online. $650 and up



Glen Copus has an extensive bicycle-building pedigree that began with assembling spokes and hubs at a BMX shop as a 12-year-old, and spans decades of work as a racing team mechanic and professional builder. Now, cyclists around the country are singing the praises of Elephant Bikes; the sturdy, versatile steel bicycles he crafts in his Spokane workshop. Order online.

$1,200 and up

Hiking boots

White's Boots have been worn for generations, from pre-Civil War loggers to the frontmen of Metallica. While the company specializes in handmade leather work boots, it also offers waterproof hiking boots that can withstand the toughest terrains. Look for them at White's Boots, North 40 Outfitters, Timber Country, Larson's and online. $319.95


Hiking staffs

Sometimes, all you need for a successful day of hiking is a really nice stick. Order a hand-carved hiking staff from Walking Cane Co., and that's exactly what you'll have. The staffs come in a variety of styles and finishes, and all include a genuine leather strap. Choose from chestnut, ash, hickory or sassafras. Order online. $50-$70


Fly-fishing rods

Steve Moran believes that beautiful fish deserve to be caught on fishing rods of equal beauty, and fly fishers as far away as Malaysia seem to agree. His made-to-order rods, crafted from exotic woods, can include artistic inlays and precious metal adornments. Each rod includes the customer's name in ink, as well as two custom graphics hand-drawn by Moran. Order by phone. $150-$650

869-3474 | stevemoranscustomrods.com


Camp Time's Roll-a-Cot is so lightweight, it's even been carried to the top of Mount Everest. With a durable aluminum alloy frame and heavy-duty mesh, it's built to last. Available in three sizes at Mountain Gear, REI and online. $128-$198



If you're a climber, there's a good chance you've clipped your rope to quite a few Omega Pacific carabiners while hitting the routes. But the Airway Heights company doesn't just cater to the climbing crowd — it's also the largest supplier of carabiners to the U.S. military. Find carabiners and more at Mountain Goat Outfitters, Mountain Gear, REI and online. $6.95-$23.95



Dan Dengler's longboards are so good-looking, you might feel guilty standing on one. Dengler salvages wood from around the country and turns it into functional art pieces that he says are as enjoyable to ride as they are to look at. Pick one up at Let it Ride, or order a custom board online. $275 and up


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