High on Love

How those who like cannabis are finding like-minded lovers

It seems that these days there's a dating site for every interest and hobby, so it was just a matter of time until a cannabis-focused one (or many) popped up.

Targeted at those whose love life has gone to pot — literally, not metaphorically — the sites have been growing in membership with both recreational and medical marijuana users.

"We are an alternative dating site for people who enjoy marijuana, aka 420-friendly dating," says 420singles.net founder Ryan Moxon, describing his site.

Like Moxon's site, these portals have kitschy marijuana names like Plenty of Kush and Stoner Singles, and function like other online dating platforms: build profile with a photo, search for or be matched with potential mates within a designated geographic area and then correspond securely through the site. Membership has soared, with many sites boasting nearly 30,000 relationship seekers and growing.

According to Moxon, who launched his site in 2011, there's still a stigma about those who like to toke meeting up with those who don't, and his and other sites provide a much-needed space for marijuana users.

"Finding someone who shares the same love for cannabis is important and a must," Moxon says.

Others are taking note as well; the more mainstream OkCupid and Plenty of Fish allow users to specify interest in marijuana. ♦

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