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From The Editor: Battling soaring health care costs

Prescription pricing has been all over the news this fall. In particular, the story of the price increase from $13.50 to $750 per pill for a drug called Daraprim used mainly by AIDS patients struck a nerve. (At press time, the manufacturer was reconsidering the price hike.) Nobody knows what future American policy regarding pricing will be, but for people who need prescriptions filled now, there are ways to circumvent high prices. Linda Hagen Miller reports on getting medication via the Internet from pharmacies based in Canada. Here's a sample: Daraprim was available for $1.77 per pill as of Sept. 23 on one reliable Canadian website. But there can be both risks and rewards to ordering drugs online, as you'll read in "Medication Frustration."

click to enlarge Do you have a story idea? Share it with Editor Anne McGregor at annm@inlander.com.
Do you have a story idea? Share it with Editor Anne McGregor at annm@inlander.com.

From the medicine cabinet to the spice cabinet: Did you know research shows that if you indulge in a high-fat meal, making sure it includes cinnamon and turmeric can help cancel the negative effects? Spices, herbs and exotic blends have been an integral part of everyday cuisine in India and Asia for centuries. Yet here in the U.S., we've tended to rely mostly on salt and pepper, with some basil and oregano thrown in from time to time. It's time to get adventurous, and "The Spicy Side of Life" includes information on the health benefits of aromatics, along with some recipes to get you started.

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