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Apps for the modern marijuana connoisseur

High Tech
Weedmaps app

Tribal knowledge doesn't just come from a smoke circle anymore. Today you can review strains, find the nearest dispensary and conjure a recipe on your smartphone thanks to a growing selection of marijuana technologies. Here are five apps to get you to your next high.


Read hundreds of thousands of user-submited strain reviews, high effects and product availability nearby. The app provides information on nearby doctors, dispensaries, and delivery services, and aggregates that information to showcase daily deals. The app even offers a cultural component, with news and information on cannabis-related content. Free for iPhone and Android • leafly.com

Grasscity community

The social networking and lifestyle app is 500,000 members strong. The photo-heavy discussion threads touch on everything from philosophy to politics to glassblowing and personal stories. Threads are moderated and organized by forums like tokers Q&A and what ya smokin' tonight? Free for iPhone and Android • forum.grasscity.com


Arguly the most popular app, Weedmaps provides detailed listings on dispensaries, doctors and delivery services across the United States, Canada and Europe. The app is simple and offers the basics: menus, contact information, photos and more than 800,000 user reviews. Free for iPhone and Android • weedmaps.com

Weed Farmer

The growing game allows you to farm 30 different cannabis strains. Points are awarded for managing plant growth and production, from seed germination to the final harvest. Gamers can start off growing in a closet and upgrade to a warehouse while fighting off attacks from bugs and fungus. Sure, it's a game, but you'll learn real-life grow tips as you go. Various game versions are available. $2.99-$0.99 for iPhone and Android • weed-farmer.com

Reddit is fun

Reddit claims to be the front page of the Internet. The online bulletin board and social networking website has subreddits on just about everything — including r/marijuana, r/weed, r/trees, and r/marijuanaenthusiasts. Go for discussions, news and photos of all things weed-related. The mobile version is no different, but the interface is wonky. The app "reddit is fun" streamlines the website. Free for Android • reddit.com

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