Holiday Guide — November 22-24
Macy\'s Thanksgiving Day Parade starts at 9am.

Thursday, Nov. 22

Be Thankful, Eat and Watch TV

While Thanksgiving has changed quite a bit since the Plymouth colonists and their Wampanoag Indian friends sat down to enjoy a plentiful harvest feast in 1621, it’s still managed to keep a few traditions intact. Like eating a lot of really delicious food with our closest friends and family, and reminding ourselves of all there is we should be thankful for.

Since many of us will have the day off from the workplace grind, it’s also a day to take advantage of the great television specials airing, starting with the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade at 9 am. Watch for this year’s new balloons: Elf on the Shelf, Papa Smurf and a new Hello Kitty balloon.

After the big parade, the 2012 National Dog show takes center stage on NBC at noon, with all the cute and furry faces you can handle. Starting midday, while you’re fasting before the feast, and continuing through the evening as you recover from it, catch three big NFL games on the major networks (CBS, FOX and NBC). You can also catch the Gonzaga men’s basketball game vs. Clemson at 6 pm on ESPN2. (CHEY SCOTT)

Friday, Nov. 23

Black Friday Shopping — DUH!

If you can handle elbowing your way through hordes of deal-hungry shoppers to get your hands on that super-on-sale camera, laptop or flat-screen, it’s advised you get your butt up reeeaally early — or stay up all night — to hit those mega Black Friday sales.

We’re not advocating anything crazy, like waiting in line for hours in the freezing cold outside Target and Best Buy, but we give you props if you’re that hardcore. While the level of consumerism and corporate marketing tactics has reached a point that big box stores open their doors to shoppers as early as 8 pm on Turkey Day — ahem, Wal-Mart — we also applaud people who are sane enough to stay home. Regardless of where you plan to hit the sales, we figured we’d offer up a few helpful things to keep in mind. Dress appropriately: comfortable shoes, and layers you can easily shed and tote around in the packed stores. Don’t bring much else with you aside from money and a cell phone. Ladies, please leave the huge purses at home. And before the stores open, take a few moments to “zen out” and remind yourself that patience and kindness never go unnoticed. Don’t trample over old ladies to get to that hi-def flat-screen first, be nice to the stressed out cashier and remember that you’re going to have to wait in line. A lot. (CS)

Saturday, Nov. 24

Get Laugh-y at the Blue Door

If you’re already going insane from seeing festive holiday decorations everywhere, and being bombarded with endless holiday TV ads thanks to the first official weekend of the holiday season, why not laugh off the stress for a few hours with some of Spokane’s funniest people?

The Blue Door Theatre’s resident comedy troupe’s “Safari” improv show should do the trick. The actors take suggestions from the audience — “Quick! What’s an occupation you’d never want to have?” — and then create a hilarious game using the answers. We all remember how funny the TV show Who’s Line is it Anyway was, so go see this local version in person and laugh until your sides ache.

Keep in mind the show’s not always appropriate for younger audiences. The Blue Door is at 815 W. Garland Ave., and the show starts at 9 pm. Tickets are $7. (CS)

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