Holiday Guide — November 25 - December 1

click to enlarge For stress relief - shoot something on Nov. 26.
For stress relief - shoot something on Nov. 26.

Sunday, Nov. 25

The Greatest Holiday Yet

It’s that time of year to get a gym membership to make up for all that eating you did a few days ago. Kidding! Keep stuffing your face, because not only is it Peanut Butter Lovers Month, today is also National Parfait Day! A dessert item, the parfait — French for “freedom sundae” — is a glorious combination of cream, ice cream and flavored syrups. In America, it sometimes comes with whipped cream and booze, because we can.

I would suggest that you celebrate by attempting to convince corporate ice cream chains, like maybe ones that rhyme with “Schmairy Schmeen,” to give you free or discounted parfaits on account of the holiday. Or you could just make your own. Topped with some peanut butter, perhaps. (TIFFANY HARMS)

Monday, Nov. 26

Well, Shoot

Goodness gracious, y’all, we’re famous. If you’ve seen the new James Bond movie, you know that Idaho totally got a shout-out for being all kinds of enthusiastic about guns. Judging from the audience reaction in the Moscow, Idaho, movie theater, the filmmakers weren’t too far off base. Anyway, you should mix it up and try out shooting. After all, the world is maybe supposed to end next month, and you need protection. And even if your existence does remain intact, you still have to get through the holidays, and shooting is reportedly a good stress reliever.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has a program called “First Shots,” which is a great intro to safe shooting. If you’re already experienced, their website offers video tutorials to improve technique, free printable targets and a list of nationwide shooting events. Visit for more information or to find a range near you.

Today is also Robert Goulet’s birthday. Pay your respects accordingly. (TH)

Tuesday, Nov. 27

Giving Tuesday

People go to malls because they do all their shopping in one place. This season, the mall is where you can do all your one-stop giving, too. River Park Square will be home to Giving Tuesday, a nationwide event that features local nonprofits and highlights their needs for the season. From 10 am-9 pm, you’ll be able to donate specific items or make financial contributions to organizations like Inland NW Baby, SafetyNet and Cancer Patient Care. Check out for a list of participating organizations and their needs. (TH)

Wednesday, Nov. 28

Drunk Treats

It’s important to note that these are not simply treats you enjoy while drunk, but rather treats that will make you drunk. Yeah!

First off, boozi gummi bears. Take a large-ish container with a lid, dump some gummi bears (or worms if that’s your thing) in there, and add enough vodka to submerge them, cover, then stick it in your freezer. Wait anxiously for 2-3 days, then consume responsibly (ha!).

If you’re on a whole-foods diet, or some junk, but still want to get toasted off food, why not give the ol’ booze melon a whirl? This classic drunk treat has been getting your parents drunk at potlucks for decades, but it’s time you get a taste. Just take a melon (usually seedless watermelon) and use a knife to cut a circular hole down into the melon, making a “plug.” Remove the plug and use a funnel to pour vodka into the melon until it can hold no more. Replace the plug, and let this bad boy gestate in your fridge for a day or two. Then do what you do best.

If you want to get more complex, has a recipe for alcoholic ice cream. Godspeed. (TH)

Thursday, Nov. 29

Wine and Walter

Oh look, a wonderfully whimsical evening of wine and the written word hosted by Jess Walter. If the alliterations scare you, you may not be ready for a night of local poetry — nature poetry, to be exact. But for those of you with a poetic ear, this should be one gem of an event. If not for the tasty wine Barrister Winery churns out, then certainly for you sharing a room with Jess Walter. The Spokane author is good on a page, yes, but in person he’s straight-up delightful. It’s not terribly often that he hosts events, but this one definitely seems fitting for a man who wrote The Financial Lives of the Poets. Anyway, enjoy the night, but maybe just keep any fiscal frustrations you may be experiencing to yourself, yeah? Barrister Winery, $15, 7-9 pm. (TH)

Friday, Nov. 30

Winter Horseback Riding

If your winter season is lacking in some majesty, it may be time to pack up your lover and ride off into the sunset on horseback. So majestic, y’all. Spokane Trail Rides is a great option, with more than 800 acres of gorgeous hills, valleys and viewpoints at their disposal for year-round guided horseback rides. This time of year should be downright stunning, and at just $45 per hour per person, it’s a whimsical winter tryst that’s within reach. Visit or call 227-9077. (TH)

Saturday, Dec. 1

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Brave spirits, I call upon you to complete a task which few before have survived. My heart weeps for you, for the path ahead is long and bleak. Pain and numbness of the limbs, eye strain and minor bladder infections are just a few of many trials and tribulations which lie ahead for those who accept this challenge — those who shall henceforth be forever known as The Fellowship of People Who Try To Watch All Three Lord of the Rings Movies Back-to-Back in One Sitting. Seek additional knowledge at The Kroc Center, free, 9 am-9 pm. (TH)

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