One of the benefits of writing about cannabis has been access to products that I may have never even considered trying. I never was a big fan of edibles, but finding the right dosage of an Uncle Roaner's taffy edible has made decompressing at home a literal and figurative treat.

In the beginning of 502, my recreational sensibility was going with whatever preroll was the best bang for my buck, planning on splitting it at some point with my roommates as we rambled around college parties or went out to a concert. But diving in, I've noticed how vital high-CBD strains have become to my routine.

As a bit of an overthinker and someone prone to being anxious, high-CBD, low-THC oils, cartridges and strains have been a godsend. The results have been a rebuke to the cliché stoner stigma of being foggy-brained and aloof, to that of moments of profound, clear-headedness.

Puffing on low-THC strains offers an ideal relaxation that has made the chore of dealing with social anxiety take a backseat to whatever errands or obligations I have. And shifting towards more balanced CBD and THC strains later in the evening offers that euphoria that a great night with friends debating and untangling the madness of the universe offered the first time you got properly high.

For those looking for high-CBD strains, my favorite of late has been Remedy for day use. The THC percentage is often as low as .6 percent, offering great body and mind relaxation without any of the fogginess that getting stoned would present. The earthy flavored strain is a descendant of the indica strain Afghan Skunk and the hybrid Cannatonic.

Once work is done, my go-to balanced strain is Pennywise, an indica strain that is close to one-to-one in terms of THC and CBD. It's always been a treat to capture an uplifting high while also not feeling heavily sedated like I have with most indica strains. Finding a strain that is euphoric yet relaxing is not always easy, as many sativas are known to also cause an uptick in energy.

Throughout the year or so of deeper research in both recreational and medicinal aspects of cannabis, it's been a treat to find the ways the drug can actually aid in daily routines rather than dictate them. ♦

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