Choosing Our Future: How obstacles become opportunities

It's hard to think positively right now. There's so much going on, and "normal" no longer exists. This virus, along with many other things, has taken its toll on the world. Nothing will be the same. Is that a good thing?

I've been experiencing fear and anxiety. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Not able to socialize in public. Not able to see people's beautiful smiles. Not this. Not that. A whole list of not's. It's easy "not' to think positively right now. COVID 19, social unrest, racism, police brutality, capitalism, the stock market, unemployment, politics. 2020. Damn.

However, I remind myself that obstacles are opportunities. Our attitude determines our altitude. Everything happens for a reason. We can choose to respond or react. Life is what we make it. Rise above adversity. The clichés go on and on. The thing about clichés is there's truth to them. Many positive outcomes have resulted from recent events. Families have built stronger bonds. There's been time for reflection and creation of new projects. Less stress since many do not have to commute and sit in traffic. Less pollution. New entrepreneurs and businesses born. Communities united, standing up for justice. Overlooked social issues given a bigger platform. Awareness raised. Reform made.

Yes, there is good and bad. Let's make a conscious choice to focus on the positive. To breathe life into our world. To embrace change and rise to the occasion.

The first step is changing how we think. Looking at things from a different angle. Expressing gratitude. Understanding we are the key. Choosing to open the door to our dreams, not our nightmares, because what we focus on expands.

2020, we thank you!

Bethany Montgomery is a poet and public speaker who created an organization called Power 2 The Poetry. Learn more at

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