How to properly imbibe during your next outdoors adventure

Don't leave any weed waste behind.
Don't leave any weed waste behind.

When camping, people take great care to keep what they drink ice cold in coolers. So why not apply the same level of preparedness to what you're smoking? Here are three ways to elevate your outdoors experience when it comes to cannabis.

Store in a Cool, Dry Area
How you carry your cannabis says a lot about your level of outdoorsmanship. You need to prepare for the environment you're heading into. If you're heading out for a day trip to hike some trails, then the plastic tube your pre-roll came in might suffice. But if you're hitting the water, you're risking a ruined joint.

Dry bags are a staple among people recreating on the water. You'll throw your phone in, of course, but remember to throw your stash in there, too, because wet weed doesn't work. You can even keep your cannabis separate with products like the aptly named Chrontainer — available online for under $10 — which is meant to keep your cannabis, and just your cannabis, safe and dry.

Leave No Trace
So, you need a container to bring your weed with you, but you might also need one to bring it back out. If you're smoking a joint, a blunt or anything that generates waste, you need to pack it out like you packed it in. Which is tricky, since transporting cannabis once it's been opened is illegal, but so is simply stomping out the crutch from your joint — not to mention rude as well. The problem is, that crutch is going to stink.

Fortunately, the rules that apply to keeping water off your weed before you smoke it also apply to keeping the smell on your weed once you've smoked it. Anything with an airtight seal — think Ziploc bags or freezer-safe containers — will do the trick.

Burn Bud, Not Yourself
Now that you're prepared to take care of your cannabis, it's time to let your cannabis help take care of you. Going outside in the summer means applying sunscreen, and sunscreen, like everything else, has found itself caught up in the hemp explosion in recent years.

THC-infused sunscreens are on the market, though it appears not currently in our region. Their hemp-infused cousins, though, are available nationwide. Target, the big-box behemoth, and Martha Stewart — a surprise were it not for her work with Snoop Dogg — sell Uncle Bud's Hemp Sunscreen and related products through their online marketplaces. ♦

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