I Saw You

Week of January 11

Handsome Gentleman at Winco Winco, north Nevada. You were grocery shopping with your daughter??, about 7:30p on New Years Day. Well dressed, silver fox. Wow. When I realized I was staring, I quickly disappeared as to not catch your glance. You see, a bottle of brut from the night before left me looking, well, not quite my best. I'd love to run into you again. Perhaps on purpose. I promise to be pulled together :) If you're curious, post in the 'Missed Connections' personals on Craigslist. I'll be stari-----oops! I mean watching!

COAT CHECK You left The Ridler Piano Bar with a long, black coat. New Years Eve. It is not yours. Return it to the bar with "all" intact. You will be greatly rewarded. You were seen. Have a friend return it, if you're not O.K. with how it all went down. No questions asked. Thinkin' you weren't just too drunk to know it wasn't yours. Hoping you just left in a hurry, havin' all kinds of fun, and grabbed it off the back of that chair. Thanks in advance. Your reward awaits.

Burger Joint Babe I saw you at the 5 Guys up North on Friday the 5th. You were trying out different drink combos and helping calm down your friend. He seemed pretty upset about his mom; I really admire how well you calmed him down and talked him through the struggle with such kindness and empathy. Maybe I can buy you a burger sometime soon? I was the blonde in the pale green cartigan.

To the off duty EMTs in front of Yokes yesterday Thanks Guys! I really appreciate you checking me out after that chick hit me on my bike in front of Yokes. Sore but uninjured otherwise.

Sushi Jack @My Fresh Basket Cheers to Jack @ My Fresh Basket for his beautiful and delicious sushi creations. You're awesome! Great job!!

Lost & Found Phone at Albertsons CDA After getting back home from grocery shopping at Albertsons in CDA on January 3rd, I realized that I had lost my phone. Frustrated and upset, I was sure that it was gone for good. . A few hrs later after being convinced by my partner, I reluctantly went back to Albertsons to see if I could find it. I was shocked and delighted to find out that someome actually turned my phone into CS after finding it outside! So, to the person whom has restored at least 11% of my faith in humanity, Thank You and I hope positive happenings & good karma surround you.

Sweeto Burrito is the Sweetest! On behalf of the CDA Fire local 710 wives group and CDA Fire, I can't begin to tell you how grateful we were for the support and kindness from Sean at the Coeur d'Alene Sweeto Burrito. One of our local firefighters that had gone into cardiac arrest and we had an army of people standing vigil at the hospital. We were sending food to the family to make sure everyone was fed. Sean was quick to respond and more than generous when I emailed that we were in need for the next day at lunch It was one less thing for us to worry about and the food was nice and hot when I picked it up. It was delicious. THANK YOU for everything! You really went above and beyond. I'm happy to say, our guy is home and making a fast recovery. Your generosity was truly thoughtful.

Thanks, AutoZone John W! Thanks, John W, (at the AutoZone on Division) for fixing the super-corroded battery terminal on my Camry last Saturday afternoon. I truly appreciated your willingness to get out the tool box and take the time to solve the problem! My Camry is running great!

Faith Restored I just dig humans with integrity. Thank you, kind sir, for going out of your way to turn my lost cell phone in to the T-Mobile store. All good things to you!

FOCUS! You took my friend's coat and left the venue, New Years Eve. When you realize you have it, please return it to the place you found it. If you don't remember, your friend does. If you left it in a Ride Share, track it down and return it. The same would be offered you. It would be uncomfortable for all involved to have the camera footage "splashed" all over town showing the Coat-Keeper-Creeper-Caper. Let's not go there. Drop it at the venue on Riverside, in the condition you "found" it, and all is forgiven. Thanks! You looked great that night! Don't do "Ugly" with this "little" oversight.

The Game of Love Please stop playing games with my heart. I don't understand how you could woo me with your beautiful love poetry and then deny that you love me the next day, and then tell me and everyone else that I am "insane" and that I am "stalking you" just because I wanted to tell you how sorry I was. This is not fair. Deep down I know you have the courage to not just say you love me through these unrequited love nots, but say it to my face, until then my heart is not a toy.

Fast food workers Jeers to the fast food employees who are making decent money but can't get an order correct. Every time I order food I end up wasting so much money and food because something gets forgotten to be put in my bag or whatever I asked to be taken off of an item doesn't get removed or some other random thing happens that ruins my meal. I know the answer to this is just to not eat fast food, but I like what I like and everyone deserves a treat sometimes. Pay attention to what you are doing. I work just as hard as you for the money I spend at your establishment. I'm expected to do my job correctly so why can't you!? If you can't figure it out then you must have a bright future of fast food ahead of you!

Officer on 195 Wow! Officer who pulled me over on 195 for doing 10 over while trying to merge. If what I was doing was actually negligent driving in the second degree and deserved a 500 dollar ticket then why did you let me off with a verbal warning? You baited me into opening my mouth by forcing me to explain myself and then verbally cut me off. I believe your words were "now you want to argue with me." You are a bad example to the future drivers in your vehicle. you just dont get it."You should never have made me get out of my truck at a traffic stop. The future drivers in my car did learn something. No matter how polite you are to a cop sometimes they just abuse their position anyways. Officer, you need anger management. After that I had a great day. Because I am a polite and safe driver and i know it. No tickets or accidents in 20 years. Let's see your record.

Pay attention when driving. 1. The light is green, why are we still stopped 20-30 seconds later? 2. If you're on I-90 and not entering or exiting, please move out of the lane where all oncoming or exiting is happening. 3. Go the speed limit, or weather permitting. 4. Turn on your lights. The new vehicles have [faux] lights inside, but your lights outside aren't on. 5. Pick a lane, don't ride the line. 6. Stop trying to pass on the rt when the lanes merge. 7. Signal! 8. Move!!!! 9. Replace your headlights or brakelights that are out. 10. Clear your vehicle of debris instead of attempting to drive with a frozen windshield or a ton of snow on it. We're all in this together, please remember your fellow drivers. Safety helps us all.

Impatient drivers If I'm doing 70mph on the freeway in the passing lane and i am actually passing a car, you do not have a right to blare your horn and flash your brights at me. We get it, your Mazda protege is way faster than my Camry, and it's way more important for you to get to your destination 10 minutes earlier than it is for me to get my kid to daycare safe. People like you are the epitome of 'D' words.

Re: Driving in Snow Cheers to the lady who wrote the essay last week about some Spokane drivers who don't drive well in the snow and ice. You absolutely nailed the issue brilliantly. I think perhaps the problem is that there are so many scummy people in the city who have no respect for others that they charge on mindlessly since they lack one. All one has to do is look around the city to see this. Spokane may be one of the least courteous cities in the nation. Not only do the drivers seem totally disinterested in those driving beside them, but some grocery store employees seem to think they're beneath helping their customers. Try this one for size. Head to Safeway on Market and try to get helped in a line efficiently. Not only will you wait in line for an interminable amount of time, but when you do finally get helped, you will be treated like a second class citizen. What's to like? Oh yes...Near Nature. Near Perfect. At least the first part is correct. It's near nature. BTW, because the city has so many scumbags, don't use $50 bills because the dumbos who work in the grocery stores aren't smart enough to elucidate they're real without using their dumbo proof pens. Therefore they insult their customers by drawing a line across them. Hey stupid, you can tell the bill is real via an assortment of means that don't require a pen or even light. It's not really their fault though. They're just following management rules and they're the dumbest of all. Most accurate motto for the city. Near nature but not as polite as the south. ♦

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